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Iheart media Inc. Hey, Sean Hannity here. You know, I spent several years working in construction. And I learned that you don't know how well a house is built until it goes through big storm. Now sunny days are not when you find out that your roof is leaking. Or what about your investment portfolio built to withstand a financial storm? A you're not going to know about that. Until you have an experienced financial advisor at could show, you what can happen to your portfolio during and after a market correction. Now's the time to prepare before the market gets to the top. And then does what all markets eventually do goes through storm. Find out what you can do now before the inevitable storm hits. All Steve Holland today at seven two seven two two eight Forty-six Seventy-three, we have experienced a pretty long stretch of sunny investment. Before the forecast changes give them a call. Find out how strong your investment portfolio is. So do a people in Tampa have been doing now for twenty five years. That's ask Steve Holland at seven to seven to eight forty six seventy three when you look back years from now, I think you'll be glad you did seven two seven two two eight forty six seventy three. Welcome to the Steve Holland retirement wealth show. We're so glad you're spending part of your day with us today. I'm Meghan mosaic. And it's a real pleasure to be back with Steve Holland today in the studio each and every week, we sit down, and we talk about retirement retirement, planning, and what it takes to have a successful retirement these days because of course, we know a lot has changed and Steve will tell you that he's been helping people right here in Tampa Bay plan for retirement for more than thirty years now. And he does that alongside his lovely wife. Elizabeth and it's true. We've.

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