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Thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland, licensed practical nurse has been at the facility since two thousand eleven Phoenix police chief Jerry Williams says the suspect provided care to the victim. And it's one of the shocking cases, she's seen in a long career fashioned police work talking to people in DNA technology and just literally combing through details of information is how we were able to form probable cause. For this arrests. Police say the baby is doing well. And this investigation continues to determine if there are possibly more victims or if there are any more suspects jump cross ABC news, Phoenix, sixty four degrees on Peachtree street. A to a wine WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish. Tracking the incoming rain. Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up brinksmanship Dan woman, ship President Trump says he still plans to give his state of the union address to congress next Tuesday night. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington, while Democrats said today, there should be no state of the union is long as the shutdown continues. President Trump told house speaker Nancy Pelosi that he expects to go before lawmakers next Tuesday in a letter the president said it would be sad. If the speech was not delivered before a joint session of congress just in not going to happen. Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer and fixer has postponed is planned testimony before the US house because of what is legal adviser calls ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani as recently asked this weekend as well as Mr Collins continued cooperation with ongoing investigations threats unspecified in the statement from Cohen's legal adviser testimony was to have been February the.

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