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With a high of thirty five from the WTMJ breaking news center. I'm Barry Nelson. President Trump remains at the White House this morning after a last minute effort to reach a budget compromise with the Senate failed ahead of the midnight deadline last night to avoid a partial government shutdown more from CBS Jiang. Now, the blame game is in full effect with Mr. Trump insisting Democrats don't want border security, but they say he is throwing a temper tantrum at the expense of Americans will President Trump is writing out this shut down here in Washington. Even though he was supposed to be at his mar-a-lago resort in Florida by now to join first lady, Melania Trump and their son Barron for the Christmas holiday partial, shutdown of the federal government will impact some local services. Amy hall communications coordinator with the housing authority of the city of Milwaukee says there will be an impact from the federal government. Not in the. Short term. They will be able to continue to offer services locally as usual, but they don't have access to housing and urban development employees, if the shutdown lasted into January, that's when funding would be impacted. Now would impact our section eight rental assistance funding that we get from the government because that is only through the end of December rusty Mellberg WTMJ news. The busy holiday travel season gets underway today. Timothy Carnahan with the state patrol says the chances for accidents are higher be prepared to share the road with a lot more people and people that are unfamiliar with the areas with over two million. Wisconsin residents expected to travel he recommends people to buckle up and take their time on the roads. The.

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