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I'm gonna make this really hard. Okay. Good. I love the pelt. What if the pelicans call you and say, we want coups MMA Ingram heart and two number ones. Basically strip your whole team Kouzmin Ingram heart two number ones. For a what do you do? Let me let me mall need the mole. Like, you do your your wind during the holidays, I'm gonna mall. All right. So the proposition the proposition Kouzmin Ingram heart two number ones. Okay. Do I think any one of those players will be as good as Anthony Davis? No, what about collectively? I would make that deal over and over and over again with no hesitation whatsoever. I I think it's too much seriously for Anthony Davis. Let me finish. But to get Anthony Davis, you're going to have to overpower. Okay. There you go. So you do it. I think reluctantly. Yeah. The you'd have no I mean, it's a chance to get. Which is why MVP why it is. So amazing that the Lakers got LeBron for nothing. About it for nothing in the door because they would give up at least that much. And maybe that's the only way you'd be. If magic was unwilling to give up Ingram for Paul, George, right? I think he thinks why could just wait for eighty to become a free agent. Wait one more year year while in the fat running with clutch, LeBron's okay, gency speaks. Then you're letting the FOX in the hen house because they all soon Paul George would just play that one year and Oklahoma City and then come sign here. Correct. They lot of people thought we'll I never stay in Iran and Toronto. Now looks like Toronto's built kind of a really good team. If they go to the finals and knocked Boston out, and and he falls in love with it. The press t model is going to be used over and over again. If you wait for Anthony Davis to see if he'll come to you for free think you almost have to be proactive. Yeah. I mean, I would think that next summer, I'm guessing next summer. Anthony Davis is going to tell the New Orleans pelicans. Look, I'm leaving at the end of this season, the money the extra year means absolutely nothing to me at all. I'm leaving you best trade me now. And if New Orleans has any good sense down there. They will recognize that that's true. And they will move him. Well, because look at the alternate is if you don't I mean, we've seen this movie a ton of times when Chris Bosh was in Toronto. They didn't trade him. He left for nothing. Lebron Cleveland, they didn't trade him. He left for nothing. The teams that trade somebody when Darren Williams was in Utah refused. Their deal Utah traded him right away. Turn in some good place. When Carmelo said, I'm not sign. Ding long-term Denver traded him and Denver was really good for a while. If you can get something for him you have to do it. And a lot of teams like it's like there's your Lakers. There's your wife with another guy no-no. She'd never do it. Right. Oh, she is doing she's. And otherwise did it right? Bunch of bunch of guys lives have already done this. We've already seen this this movie play out. And so they're they're battling theories. Right. If you're a small market team. Let's get him in. Let's get them comfortable. Let's introduce Dorgan's ation let writer to his every women need to get him to agree to stay on the other side of the coin. There's hey, I'm outta here. You better move me. Now, that's the other dynamic those are the two models. I think the NBA's working with right now. So yeah, I mean, I you'd have to do it you would have to. But but what I mean what I'm particularly encouraged about is that Anthony Davis isn't getting traded during this season. And for all the reasons we've outlined the Lakers aren't going to get in the Jimmy Butler thing at least, I don't think they are. And so I was incredibly encouraged..

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