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Independent in thoughts and punk rock in life. It's the Benson show. Nathan Sutherland, licensed practical nurse has been at the facility since two thousand eleven Phoenix police chief Jerry Williams says the suspect provided care to the victim. And it's one of the shocking cases, she seen in a walk real old fashioned police work talking to people in DNA technology and just literally coming through. Details of information is how we were able to form probable cause. For this arrests. Police say the baby is doing well. And this investigation continues to determine if there are possibly more victims or if any more suspects. Yeah. And if you're not following the story, this is a woman who is she's in a long term care facility, hacienda, healthcare and. People are species in a vegetative state. She is she's definitely in a situation where she cannot make decisions and producer, Phil. I assume it's much like my brother for those of you who are new to the show. My brother has brain damage is a and G tube. So that's how breeds and eats. He can recognize he can't speak can't say a word. He he is laughter and some emotions, but there is no he there's no cognitive ability to make any kind of decisions. And this woman was pregnant. She had a baby. So pregnant, and this scumbag. Got pregnant and nobody knew she was pregnant, and she has the baby. The doctor gave her like a check on them. But it gave her like a full woman's exam in April. Of last year and said that the part that he found that was hard. Could have been from scar tissue and the baby probably would have been in the situation where he could it would just have happened. And so what is happening is because she's on because he has seizures. She's not so much phenobarbital that the baby. I was just chilling as well. So it is it is it is a disgusting situation. The good news is the baby is doing. Well. And then the they gotta start looking around and go, wait a minute here. It just probably is this this woman during the period when we believe this incident occurred sexual assault occurred. We believe that he was the LPN. At least part of the time responsible for her care. Yeah. And you know at the facility now, they they're not letting you know men into rooms by themselves of your nurse or doctor. You have to have somebody with you. It is an awful awful horrible situation. And you know, I mean, it's imagine that just just the thought process of. What kind of vile individual this person is? Just beyond vile. Take advantage of somebody like that. And and I. You don't want to be judgmental when you look at a picture, but. Chad. Yeah. But there was speculation. Was it a family member? Was it somebody who was just there? But we live in the day and age where guess what kids if you're going to? Submit if you're gonna work you're gonna Smith teenage test, and we're gonna ask everybody that we've seen we know has had come in contact. That we would like a sample of your DNA, and guess what? DNA don't lie. This scientists in Phoenix police crime crime laboratory determined the sample obtained from Sutherland matched the baby. Yeah. And it's a shame. It's it's just a horrible. Shame. The baby's doing. Well. But once again, a, you know, you ask yourself as amazing as the world is right. And the world is in credit. There are people out there that are just awful human beings, just awful, horrible human beings. And this is one of those situations where they've got him. Appeared in court. And was that were there were there. Somebody else with him. Was there more victims? And then the question starts to come to is. What's this going to cost? How soon so this place has to declare bankruptcy. Get taken over by somewhere else. Who would want to keep their anybody in a position of of helplessness in a place like that they're going to those questions are going to be asked. And then the other questions is. Where were what's the cameras? We've cameras everywhere. Where's the cameras? Where is the? I mean, just all of these things that you would think. That they would have. Three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three. At Chad Benson show issue or Twitter. You can tweet at us. So we saw the viral video went around the globe in seconds. And then of course, a youngster. And a native American staring at each other one beating the drum one as everybody has a smug Whiteface smiling at him, and it is it is, you know, I it's it's one of those things where you know, the rush to judgment was ridiculous, and Sean Spicer who seems to be making a lot more sense. Now that he's not under the pressure of having to go out and deliver all kinds of insanity at times with the president talked about this entire rush to judgment. If you will on the heels of the BuzzFeed story last week. This is another example of the media, and it's not just a rush to judgment. I've heard that phrase over and over again, it's a Russian condemn Trump and Trump supporters in some ways, he he's right. But I think a lot of what it is is it's it's virtuous signaling. Right. It's I want to be on the right side of something. So I wanna virtue signal because I want to show everybody. How it's. Really got it's gotten ugly over the last several years. And I just remember the insanity of was it the dentist that killed a seesaw the lion and the craziness that went on with that and the threats and all of that stuff. And that's what virtuous signaling really become it became a mainstream thing where you want to show how virtuous you are. So you're going to signal to hey, everybody. Look at me. Look at me now. Trump in in themselves is a divisive character any understands that. And it's it's look we we live in a time that we're so partisan. I I was talking to somebody last night. I said can we even have a president that? Can president? Everybody. I don't think that's true. Because the fact is we're in a situation where if you don't have. Certain beliefs that this tribe over here wants nothing to do with you as a president. They want nothing to do with it. The same can be said on the other side. And then there's the rest of us the exhausted majority. And that's just that's not good. It's tough. You know, you always hear well, you know, I, I'm I'm governor to everyone. I'm the president to UD made voted me, but on the president to everybody. But the thing is nobody wants you on that side. So you could say it all you want. But you're never going to get any credit. And it's it's it's sad that we aren't open minded enough to go. Well, you know, what it is what it is. I go back to the analogy of you know, it's it's it's the airplane. Right. Right. You you may not have voted for that pilot. But that is the pilot we currently find, and you could say, he's not your pilot. But the last time I checked the planes in the air, and he's the one piloting the ship and his whole goal or her whole goal should be to get you to where you're going safely. Don't work out that way. But yeah, there is a rush we it's virtue signaling everybody wants to be on the right side morale, this this is how I feel because a certain group of people out there. Believe that again that that morally there. Hey there discussed their judgment of people is superior and has the moral high ground to stand on which which is not good. And this kid is is feeling then you've got this guy. You know, this Nathan Phillips guy who is you know, he's changed his story like a dozen times. And he's bringing look he was trying to bring awareness to native Americans. I think he's a bad, dude. Right. And then you get the other side. Who is just okay. Let's find out everything we can about this guy to destroy this guy to make our point. That's not a win for anybody. It isn't. It was a horrible situation that people painted a picture of because their whole goal. It's divide because dividing and arguing and fighting as far more interesting than everybody going. Oh, yeah. And moving on. That's the reality of that three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. You could tweet at us. We're still in the midst of a shutdown, and it doesn't seem to be getting any closer to being unsure the speaker's position.

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