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That is yours. Thank you super in your book still available and they still fly. And and so they fight is available now primarily as an e book either as a download we can send it directly. Or if people want us on a CD disk, we can send it that way. And I have a special going on for your listeners, which is if they order any product, whether it's a hard, you know, hard copy of a book or DVD or whether it's digital download and simply say, George or see then I will also send a free link to a free DVD. Now are you related to Thomas horn? That's what I know of he's. Yeah. He just said us a couple. Books. He's a doctor. But I thought maybe this could be your brother or somebody. That's an okay, let's go to the phones Blair in Sedona, Arizona. Hey, Blair, go for it. Hey, thanks, George. Are there any comments regarding our planet as living dean, and then you earlier mentioned time travel has Meyer recorded any info about what toast earth changes society? Would look like. Yeah. Good questions. Well, you know, everything is living in a sense. It's a part of created of the creation of energy. It's not necessarily that is the way people may think that it's you know, it's a being that is thinking about the evil human beings who are messing it up. And it's going to take revenge you saw causing effects of the most amazing thing to me is to contemplate how any and everything works in life. How everything accords with certain immutable laws every substance that's in the physical form of or even in a gas from what have you physical has a duration the nature of things, you know. That we are told in the player and material that there are many more subatomic levels. And we know about that there were seven major forces in the universe. We just discovered. One more. I think the fourth again, not an area of my expertise as for the post difficult times world or post apocalyptic world. It will take Cording to this information literally hundreds of years for people to recover enough just to recover, but to gain the wisdom to never again, do those things in partake of the kind of thinking that has created all of the strife among beings, it should be cooperating and living. These words often sound tried to assume that exciting love, peace, freedom harmony, knowledge, wisdom, all those things. But those are the cornerstones of real human life that we are very much estranged from for the most part and eventually. If my years in his nineteen fifty eight letter, and all of this is on my website somewhere, and you can Email me if you don't find it. But anyway, in that letter, he describes how ultimately the survivors of all this. When the women come to the fore is the true leaders, the mothers of the millennia when the chain and assume their rightful place was particular wisdom that's been suppressed and disempowered for the you know, the female of the species that occurs. It will occur then the meal tendencies, the aggression and all that gets put down if you will get relegated to a an appropriate place of defense, rather than aggression, and it will be at a time when human beings of earth will have gone through a lot of unpleasant tree, including a lot of the stuff at Meyer wrote about nineteen ninety-five warning about this robotic AI, computer. Weapons that will take over and nearly annihilate humankind time things that, you know, Elon Musk and Stephan hawking we're concerned about, but we will ultimately gain the technologies to regenerate and help to heal that which we've we kind of sun damage to it. And there's more in there too in that letter. So feel free to Email me if you don't find that info, let's go to Shelley Long Island, New York. Welcome to the program. Hi, Shelley occasions, Georgia Michael question about good versus evil. We need to address weaponization and manipulation of weather geo engineering Chem trails hard facts and deep underground bases drafted Andrew weapons in California cetera. I think it's outrageous that Rothschild owns my brother dot com, weather, central and has exclusive global control of every aspect of our weather technology on this planet. I can give us a rich. Okay. My question. Hold on, Michael. Hold on. Go ahead. Go ahead show. Okay. Billy gives us all these warnings is their solution is the solution is your hope can we have. Can we save ourselves? If we take away control from the far east elites. Okay. Well, you hit on a number of things. I I'll not address everything in the laundry lists except to say harp. Of course is dreadful thing. Meyer wrote extensively about it. And things that he's explained about it. I don't think has been yet discussed in even all the other material his take with the player and told them about the so-called Chem trails is different than we think. But you're more concerned about how do we take back the power from know so called evil elite, and that is difficult because even as Billy said several years ago when I did a video which is online about the coming civil wars in America that he first published about an eighty one and eighty seven for a time. The people will not have the power to deal with those who are far more powerful, and who you know, control and destroy, unfortunately. But eventually as we learn and apparently the hard way, we will end, you know, the evil elite are not immune from the consequences of climate change and earthquakes and all sorts of things. But those people who persevere and who seek truth will eventually come to the fore is a previous call the women will play a huge role in this. As humankind recognizes the ways of power, domination, controlled aggression, and violence. What's your primarily out of control good human nature for males has gone bonkers? That will help us to turn it. But there's no pie in the sky rescue immediate solution. Get rid of the Rothschild stuff. It doesn't play out that way in this material. It's it's pretty it's pretty. Testy what's coming in? So we have to not focus too much and give our power way to conspiracies and the evil elite and the Russia house and aluminum body. So we have to think about how do we take back dominion over our own lives? We do it from within when nobody even this early knows how and what we're thinking when we learn to think then we're marching forward. Step by step. All this stuff took time to get screwed up. And it's going to take time to rectify we've got Nick and Minnesota now we used to the Rockies. Hi, nick. Thanks for calling. Oh, yes. Thank you so much for taking my call. My pleasure. Same Michael quick question for you here. You had spoken earlier about the United States assumed in fire or parts of it from both Canada corruption is that correct? That is part of what will happen. There are also other things specifically foretold it will affect this country. The ruling walls of fire fire cylinders hurricanes. These are in the prophecies, especially in the Hanukkah prophecies. That are on the fly dot com. Again, if anything flies by you here. No pun intended. You don't find it? You Email me, and I will send you links. But yes, that's some of what happens. There's also going to be of the things are still the danger of when the lapoma Cumbrae VA have volcano blows which is a certainty..

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