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Did they yes i've got a dispatch from the field with my co correspondent matt chris man we were invited to go to the nyu game center for either leave these were the senior projects of the game suits students who are learning to game who are learning to make the game they're spending fires thousand dollars to learn how to do gaming have you ever wondered why every game they're like huge directional arrows telling you eggs actly what to do now well they found out we were invited by jesse fuchs our good friend from nyu who is a professor of some sort of the introductory level of video gaming so he teaches them the to be cultural marxists he teaches them how to do speed runs in super mario and they go through the process and this is their their final final thing that they create after twelve years of being in video game school and i would say it was fun it was a blast it was interesting there was a ledge variety of games there were classic actual video games there were tabletop games there were a deck based games we played the boy band simulator which was based on the concept of those you know those japanese perlman to kate in extremely locker versus okay press x to lure this child onto your hot air balloon and when we were wondering press f to call your lawyer when we were looking around i spied a poker table so we went to this room that was the vr game vr room and the game was not poker at all i actually would not have minded just sitting down and playing poker for six hours it was a vr game where you are a dealer in purgatory and you like you actually have to do the job of dealer deal the cards and everything and you're the people playing the game are people trapped in purgatory and i guess they tell you their stories yeah and then you develop relationships from the other one was was the way we want a second this game was just purgatory sim yes what it's like him but your employees of pergama yes exactly you work import katori and your blackjack i actually how about this poor guy torry.

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