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Who really stood out to you and sort of might make a bigger impact and people are thinking right now yeah gary and calmly the first round pick from last year he looked extremely smooth of his covering well he just looked like he's gonna be a really good corner and obviously it's really as really early and but his one game he had last year where he he did play against the jets he looked really good and in training camp he looked like he you know he's healthy and he looks like he's ready to go martavis bryant looks really good obviously there's a little bit of a situation with him right now and nobody really knows what's going on if he's going to spend it or not but he looked really good he he got behind defense a few times nick swisher who the raiders got in trade for jihad wards and the cowboys he made a few plays in tampa who the guy i really liked coming out of north carolina so it'd be interesting to see how he plays he got hit he was in the first first team at the enemy camps so i think that you know he's starting to catch coach's eye and he's going to be a bigger part of the offense an rt looked really good to you know it's early right now and the offense of lines alignment don't have pads so they're a little bit of disadvantaged but aren't just looks like a really really special athlete coming off to the edge yeah so i mean a lot to receive help their davis bryant coming from the steelers switzer coming over from the cowboys so i throw a lot of stepping out of there and of course jordy nelson planet bigger role in that offense as well so i mean in terms of your your fan but also then as an analyst someone who studies the league what are your expectations for the raiders this year i mean if you were sitting here at the end of the season and you said okay the raiders were six and ten or eight or ten and six i mean is there a number where you think you would sit here and say okay yeah it's kind of what i would expect and it'd be a number that you'd say okay well i i would be surprised by this but i think it's it's within the realm of possibility for the raiders this season so as far as number six it's very hard for me to say because i've always been a little optimistically as as as a guy who grew watching the raiders by think with the gruden's offense i think it's gonna take time to click yeah i think that he's gonna try to put a lot of volume in then you know and his playbook is a little similar shanahan's and mcveigh's land we remember you know how matt ryan struggled game play playbook in the first year so i think it's gonna take some time for their car to really master offense and really get offense doing i think offense could be good but i don't think that people should be expecting to raiders to win shoot outs early and a defensive sesame much better i think there is more talent on the raiders defense in give them credit for it and we saw that with the raiders switch to begun a later in the season and a defense a little more organized the hopefully they get gunther system down and they kind of care this team a little bit early on when offense just kind of just learning things obviously cleal mac there would be a big boost i think it's fair to expect the raiders.

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