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David this is key hi good doing good how are you I'm doing very well thank you thanks so much for calling so I asked what do you think how many times do you think the average American checks their cell phone throughout the day I would just be nineteen ninety nine you are so close I'm going to give it to you you're way too close okay so sorry you don't win anything except the big goal resolution well well well well take it this is according to a study base stat in nineteen twenty nineteen by a company called a sherry in and it said that as Americans check their phones ninety six times a day so that's an average style getting they're lumping everybody you know the high volume users with the people that you know barely use our cell phone so you got very close it says ninety six you said ninety nine so thank you so much for guessing well thanks for having me having your show I really like it all thank you so much and you have a good day it's doing well hang in there okay well thanks David for calling Preciado okay thank you correct okay so the reason why I was saying and asking about cell phones and how many times you check it today it's because if you're touching your phone around ninety six times a day it is highly recommended by health professionals that you wipe your phone disinfect your phone multiple times a day to stay safe from covert nineteen and of course producer jasmine has been doing this since long before the pandemic so I just wanted to bring that up to say yes you are right here thank you thank you they're always right there let me go ahead and take off my crown thank you thank you to everybody yes yes you are queen jasmine for the day there we go all right of course I we heard and big ones newscast at the top of the hour that does big news today is that the Chicago board of education decided in a very close vote actually that they were going to keep the program of having police well the contract of having police in schools and to tell us more in depth about it and she's been covering this since the very beginning we have a reporter from Chalkbeat Chicago Jana Kurdish off and she's going to be me she can fill us in on everything and since the very beginning hi ana how are you hi good good thanks how are you doing doing well so my goodness so let's just talk about what happened today at the board of education meeting yeah it was really interesting J. M. despite our bare Lightfoot being firmly against whom the police officers in schools and school leadership being against that two board members put forward a motion at Holly but the termination of a contract between the Chicago police department Chicago public schools and then it's a really unusually close vote the measure failed mmhm and the vote was basically it was a forty three yeah it was it was really really close for distance at all the big thing to understand is that actually this is not the last time that board members are going to have a chance to vote on this because the contract is actually up for renewal the summer righted July or August again the question will ask the question will come up before the board for a second time okay so can you explain then Jana how it even came up this time around like how did this stand come before the board this motion yeah definitely so as the at the protest against the killing of towards Florida Minneapolis grew out of the school board I'm sorry yeah the school board Indianapolis decided that they wanted to sever their relationship with school to beach so they went ahead and voted at the lectern school board there they would have voted and I did he added that contract and took back kind of started a post for sort of set the tone for a lot of other cities where organizers have been saying that they want please out of school for a long time Chicago I think that call has been around longer than a decade but I haven't really been any traction but suddenly he these massive protests they were like maybe this is the way to get this done finishing cargo organized excited ramping up around that people were holding rallies like understated there be one on the north side and one on the south bank led by young people a lot of performers yes you did and then in response to some of that two board members are prepared to put forward the motion because apple support originally signed the contract they kind of have to make a final order each make that decision and can you tell us a little bit about the board can you tell us a little bit about the members do you know anything a little bit about their background the ones I voted for it and the ones that voted against it yeah definitely so this is an interesting story and it has more people who have backgrounds as teachers well the recipient's parent than the average school board so when there like a point that the board it was kind of to someone who ran as a progressive so this is what will be moved to stay here these folks who are actually kind of connected to real community issues in Chicago that said for the most part they voted in favor we are kind of in line with what the district has put forward even on controversial proposals so when that contract was first put forward last August with the proposed it in person voted in favor except for a little bit tight the lead who is a longtime education professor at you I see it offers parents so she put for the motion today with a Negro who is the former principal national teachers academy which is a school in the south loop and herself with the teacher and then other folks who think around education what we gathered by a former state senator who I'm also mayoral candidate he supports president spends over at Lurie is.

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