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Center new businesses good to run the Yankees take a three nothing really yes so I get like I said to our pediatrician let the ball do the talking you know that's the what the E. have they hit you have the crowd reacts you know the but Charley Steiner hi why ball might have the distance it's out of here it's got its own right it's a three run home run and then he shuts up and and you can hear the crowd but Charlie shiner started singing about Max Muncie or something but anyway and and so as far as points and I think you're right about this I think it's an east coast thing I definitely think that's an east coast thing this this would not last one game in Los Angeles well there are your fresh out takes from sports right out of my **** by the way can figures apologizes for not being here the on the on the show and he'll be here next Sunday dead Romanian tourist is the correct answer dead Romanian tourist Yosemite National Park who's dead in national parks in California this weekend if you had you if you had dead Romanian tourist you win twenty one year old Lucien mu was scrambling ensemble while wet rocks below bridal veil falls falls on Wednesday when he fell about twenty feet just twenty feet but the thought of another gigantic granite boulder died at a hospital two other people were injured in separate falls in the park this week according to the Fresno bee I wanted to hike to a viewing platform below bridal veil falls on Monday and then slipped while climbing up a boulder field anyway dad it remaining interest add to the Yellowstone permit the if the Yosemite all right background this will have of the weekend in movies and you will will will extend that you've got five more minutes to get your free catches up on half hashtag have you seen a free cash hashtag have you seem to forget and he's back it's the first month's first a Sunday the months we've talked to George very but what's coming up on coast to coast is live show right after this I'm super hyper local Sunday KFI am six forty more stimulating talk Michael should pay with police in Dayton Ohio say video shows just how close a heavily armed shooter was to making entry into a crowded bar before officers to come down the twenty four year old was shot and killed practically on the doorstep of the bar after.

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