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That was okay. But he has a song called purity on that album that has one of my favorite Frank ocean performances in a long time. It's real good. And if you're missing Frank ocean. Like, I am check out that song. Purity on the rocky album, red dot music was an older track that I found out about this year when MAC Miller past miles played that and in the office, also lean for real miles played in the boy Cardi. That's Hong is amazing being we'll get your fucking head a better daughter. A better son slash daughter is a Rilo Kiley song that ended that net special that I've been listening to nonstop since. I watched that special. That's a dope song and the first tracks on the first three Konya. Albums, if you know, you know, off Daytona feel the love from kids see ghosts. And I thought about killing you from the album are fucking great. The rest of the homes. She does. But. I thought about killing you as a song that if he was in a better state and actually was like trying to make that good song rather than just sort of like their repetition form thinking about his ego. And whatever I think man that could have been something else. And especially when the beat drops tools. Oh, is it different type we'll bay and then? Yeah. And then it all started to go downhill from there. And then the new Earl sweatshirt album is great. The some rap songs is really interesting. It's John Ben genre bender. It's like some people are calling it. The king Vader of rap albums created zone. Jack is calling. And just people have been making kids music for a long time that isn't called kids music. Like Michael Jackson's thriller is a huge hit with my kid Queen Beatles. Bob, Marley, the beastie boys, and this guy RAFI have you heard of him. He's. Oh, yeah. Rafi? What's what's his hid? He's got all of them and down by the bay, really good. Really good track. All right. We're gonna take that. I think you must RAFI, and you should really get kids singer show your age. No, I won't. I'm putting him into good stuff. The kids are literally down with Raffi. So. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Mazi wash Brooklyn nine course. I watched Brooklyn Brooklyn. I knew I love Burlington, three episodes. I don't have of epic. But it does. It's one of those shows not only hilarious, but it's a diversion. It makes you happy to watch. And is good joke writing. Yes. Mazing joke writing and now coming to NBC thank the Lord yet. They saved this show. Don't miss the premier Thursday January tenth starring the hilarious Indies Hamburg, Andre brower Terry crews and Stephanie bat three oh, an amazing cast..

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