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In motion. What do you mean by emotions? We rented out the calcium the actual shape. You've rented out the LA Coliseum Foti Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy. No wrong, Georgia. How much is this cost? I mean is it in the budget with Peyton on board? Is there even a budget that was pretty unanimous? I thought that was the highlight of the Super Bowl that two minute thing we got another longer clip to play later. I thought that was so well acted in written Rome. Italy, Rome, Georgia. So I guess that's not on the ad meter thinks it was pre game. It was just like intro to the pre-game. Okay. Was not an ad entertainment or official opening but it was really well dug somebody convinced Peyton Manning to do movies or something. I I find him. Larry is he is funny. Coming up. Oh, wow. Probably oh coming up the best movie title of all time, whether the movie's any good or not, well, I think it probably is pretty good the man who killed Hitler. And then the big foot. That's the actual. It stars Sam Harris and a big time cast. It is a big budget movie. It is a serious look at aging and duty to country and all sorts of stuff. Somebody closed in the clothes. That's a bad sentence of an action movie. Somebody always been the garb somebody killed Hitler and Bigfoot. Yes. Same dude. I'm looking up at the TV good Morning, America. And they've got best breakout. Ads the moments that.

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