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Average. I'm guessing that you're going to put in some enormous ABS pipe or PVC pipe. That's a very high schedule pipe or a concrete pipe or something. The as a conduit. Yeah. As the conduit for the return return, I doubt that you'll need insulation. And I doubt that you'll have a condensation problem wouldn't be it wouldn't have to worry about. Well, what are you air conditioning to your conditioning to about seventy degrees? Sixty eight degrees. And you've got temperature fifty five degrees. I don't and your pipe is going to be buried several inches below the concrete you have earth's insolation. Well and also the line set can be insulated. You can still take your line set and insulate it and then run it through your conduit. Okay. What I was just I was just concerned about the the recon airlines. Yeah. What you do the concrete or the or the ABS is not going to be heard conduit. You're going to put an insulated duct team in there. Now. Are you talking about the refrigerant line? He's talking about the return air recon air, and you're gonna put your return air below the slab. Correct. I don't understand why you're putting it below the slab. Why why why below the slab? You're putting oh, I know why..

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