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You like this guy? What if he says no, And they hire him anyway? Because I think that's who was the issue with the stereo. It's an odd setup is a hierarchy of authority that's being distorted by the Houston Texans. Wiki Internee three Eastern Noon Pacific afternoons on CBS Sports Radio. Clones. This is Jim Rome. Join me in the jungle weekdays, noon to three Eastern 90 Noon Pacific. I will see you then. You are Welcome back into the show under writer program is writer than you this weekend. The NFL playoffs continue on CBS and the AMC is down to four teams remaining with the defending champion chief. Still the team to beat who takes the next step on the road to Super 55 find out this weekend. In the A F. C divisional round plays out on CBS, by the way, a little breaking news. The head of the Breaking News just got a note from the MBA. Atlanta at Phoenix. Also now suspended. Because of contact tracing the Hawks do not have enough. Players. The eight players required. To proceed with the game. I talked about this on CBS Sports HQ the last few days. I'll be on there today at Three o'clock eastern and around midnight or 1, A.m. Eastern. So, so late late this evening, talking some hoops. But the idea that the MBA is going to go in a bubble is basically farcical. It would require the buying of the players and the notion of requiring guys to go away from their families for Months and months and months is just not realistic, and this was And I Talk to you on the show called several G. M's executives sources at the start of the season and wrote at CBS sports dot com and said here on the radio that a bunch of folks who are in positions of power in the NBA thought it was not gonna work. That it was likely the season would come crashing to a halt or have major problems. And this is just the beginning of this affect my wife, Laurie. Just sent me a note. A local news story. There's about About three grocery stores. We go to And there's one of those three that I've been in three times last week that had 25 positive Cove in 19 tests this week. 25 employees at the grocery store Which is to say there's a lot of people with Govind. There's a lot of transmission going on, Um I know that six or seven months ago. Lot of folks I know socially had known anyone who died a covert 19 I had and so that they didn't believe me, but it was just like you're kind of the exception that's gone. Friend of ours just lost. Her mother to cover 19 a couple days ago. And she has family members who are still so the point is as a relation sports that this is the beginning of this, we're going to be in a time of transmission. And whatever you think about Cove in 19. Hopefully you think it's an actual disease that kills people. You wear a mask, but not everybody does, which is its whole whole other thing. If there's a positive test, it's going to halt an NBA player from playing. If that MBA player has been around other players, contact tracing is gonna hold them from playing. And so I think the MBA does not want to help the season, but the reason they started on Christmas and not now is they knew this could happen and they want to do this many games and is possible. Two week pause. A three week we pause would not would not shock me alright with without further ado, let's do by yourself. What side will build take on the biggest issues in the world of sports? It's time for today's edition of Buy or Sell on writer than you. So sticking on that topic of MBA fighting these covert issues. Yesterday, ESPN reported a major change sweeping changes really in the covert protocols around the league, the biggest of which being closing off of rooms to non team guests and road hotels. The league has already postponed. I believe six. Maybe we may even be up to seven. I can't even keep count. How many games this week s O. The extreme measures are clearly necessary, but by yourself illegal, actually be able to enforce these measures. Absolutely. So I mean,.

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