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Wouldn't it be delightful if we could just keep the platform open for everybody for anything, , carry has launched a new open podcast directory for APP developers working with developer Dave Jones, , speaking on a new podcast, , curry and Jones worry that apple is starting to tinker with their directory. . Here's alternative. . The podcast index traumas that the core categorized index will always be available for free for any use you can sign up to be a developer on their developer portal and we support this initiative. . So as of today, , news uses the podcast index for our main podcast search. . IBUKI has opened the voting for third edition of their audience awards. You . can vote for your favorite podcast in a link you'll find in our show notes newsletter. . Today you've until September the twentieth to vote meanwhile, , the virtual ceremony for the Latin podcast awards will be on October the tenth with Speaker. . You can see poets, , dot events your local time. . spotify is working on a set of new features to their APP including a method to save your favorite podcast episodes. . The companies also advertising podcasting and a new campaign running in twenty three markets and a TV commercial running in sixteen markets globally. . Rachel Corbett has joined Australia's commercial radio broadcast and Nova entertainment as head of PODCASTS and digital content. . Acosta Australia's hired six new people and SCA Australia's largest commercial radio company and owner of podcast one Australia has entered a partnership with spoken layer, , which creates automated short form audio content for smart speakers. . And podcast news changes with Anne McManus returns for a Second Series Radio Presenter Anne mackinaw, , using her full name, , his to interview extraordinary people including actor Michael Sheen American singer Songwriter. . Beth Ditto, , and our first guest is novelist Zadie Smith. . Mothers ourselves interviews, , the children of extraordinary mothers. . It's a new podcast from longtime New York Times reporter Katie Hafner who started the podcast around Mother's Day this year while covering the pandemic, , it aims to offer something a little more uplifting in the midst of so much grimness. . Telling US and tomorrow WNYC and history releasing blind spots the roads to nine eleven bringing tonight's lights the decade long shadow struggled preceded via tax. .

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