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Well there you have it my conversation with tim bevan one thing really stands out to me after this conversation and it's the idea that when you do one thing the right thing topple over many things success is quenched will not solitaire do you think if tim had taking a step back before doing the sixty six challenge and asked what's the one thing i can do that will transform my health enrich the relationship with my daughter improve my wife's overall happiness and our relationship and oh by the way also completely expand my mind in terms of what is possible i'm going to do one thing and it's gonna make all that happen do you think it would seem doable a lot to yet when you get clarity that you want to forma happened in one area health what's the one thing okay i'm going to run every day and you go so small to the point that it's did i put my shoes on and get on the trump that's the mark of success if he gets on the treadmill with his shoes on takes one step and then decides to go watch game of thrones in crush dozen donuts it's still a win for the day because the domino was so small that it was one thing that he could do such that by doing it everything else would be easier we're on this fast forward by him running every day for sixty six days as of today the day that we are recording this tim transforms health enriches the relationship with daughter his wife's happiness shifts.

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