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A man deported for sex crimes in riverside it's gonna face new charges the man was returned to mexico after serving prison time for molesting a person younger than fourteen but us customs and border protection agents caught the guy back in the us sunday he was arrested in imperial county near the mexican border officials say he will face a charge of illegal reentry as a convicted sexoffender the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says fewer copts were killed in the past year the memorial fund's ceo craig floyd told kfi's wakeup call one hundred twenty eight officers have been killed this year certain lowest number we've seen since banking fifty nine now some sixty years ago uh and we've also reversed a threeyear spike we had seen an officer fatalities this is one hundred twenty officers killed is down i still far too many 2016 marked a fiveyear high because in part of the endless killing of five officers in dallas floyd says a bulletproof vests have saved the lives of thousands of officers in the past few decades but other things are helping to like improve training and better community relations flights has social media is a continuing challenge because it can blow police misconduct out of proportion use or even revenue musa four and two percent of the time most officers will grow their entire career without ever firing their weapons in loyd of duty he also says people should be patient with cops who seem stressed out even a simple traffic stop can turn deadly for an officer and a metal it matter of seconds so it's no surprise if they have their guard up the latest in a string of attacks on shiites in the.

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