President Trump, Michael Cohen, Robert Muller discussed on C-SPAN


Who's negotiations because we've seen some progress i'm not gonna get ahead of what that may look like but we have thirty days to continue in those negotiations and hopeful that we can get something that works for everybody i just wanted to ask you about something that took place last week got involved in the president's personal attorney michael cohen he in court documents asserted that he would assert his fifth amendment rights smuggling gang does lawsuit which was filed against him and the president and you may recall that answer timber twenty seventeen the president had a campaign rally said the baltics fifth and he also said you're innocent why are you taking the fifth amendment to those ideas also apply to michael palin is the president's i can't speak on behalf of michael cohen agra free him fridge forty four questions the president said today that the league was disgraceful but a former assistant special counsel robert muller has suggested that the white house with any wrong once again i can't comment on anything regarding those questions note referring to the president's question about about specifically the white sending an today because actually specific to the president and that's why i'm referencing and referring you to the president's personal attorneys who can speak about is the white house concerned as congressman adam schiff had said so many other questions point to obstruction of justice we here at the white house tried never to be concerned with anything dealing with adam schiff flake point you've actually john has started on with the wilbur ross the commerce secretary today we're going to have to do it pretty soon house people start getting it sounds like you feel like this is moving along but you agree with the white house agreement the commerce secretary that you're going to have to move forward on this pretty soon so what exactly is certainly it's a thirty day extension and we expect for these negotiations to be completed at the end of those thirty guys so this will be the last of the thirty days i'm not gonna get ahead of the process but right now we're working on negotiating a deal during this thirty day time period we'll keep you posted.

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