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If i had james plugged into this and i was like well. Hey his audio needs to be a little bit louder I don't have to be like well. James speak louder. I can make the adjustments on the mixer or the audio interface and then all that then runs into my computer so so excellent. Mike's i mean there's lots of different options i'm using the shure. Sm seven b. There's also an interesting microphone because it's it's actually a very old microphone but it's one that is still a standard that just about everyone uses now. It's on the pricers is about four hundred dollars They have their little brother. It's the sure and the seven now that microphone. It's also xlr but it has another benefit and it has a usb option so it's two hundred fifty dollars instead of four hundred ads in an additional input and so the benefit. There's that you know if you want to use it just with a computer you can plug it in by usb or if you wanna have that audio interface you can also plug directly into that so give you some options. I think you can also actually use it on both plugs at the time which is pretty handy Yeah super useful now. Going no into some other options here mean so a lot of people they look at. Mike's now like will spend two hundred fifty dollars. Four hundred dollars. There are other options. You know a lot of people. As you mentioned. James autumn people will use the blue yeti for example and the blue yeti is a. There's there is a usb option. There's also on. That's usb an xlr. And i think if my pricings rate i think that one's even like two hundred and fifty dollars fifty for that one. Yeah so here's the thing. I started out with the blue you know. I had the standard usb mike. I didn't buy the xl orcas. I really didn't know about accelerate. Started thing with that mike..

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