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Well, let me go through a few. We're shorter on time today than usual. And I wanna give you the full five question. But here's a little bit of trivia, which I thought was interesting. Mrs Robinson was turned down by Geraldine page Dora. Stay Patricia Neal Joan Crawford Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall Ava Gardner, tried like chase down the spart. And he would not give them the part. Elaine was turned down by Patty, Duke, Sally field, Shirley, MacLaine, fade, Dunaway, and Jane, Fonda, Goldie Hawn and Candice Bergen all screen tested. And then before he finally said settled on Dustin Hoffman precisely because he was awkward in small and sort of nebulous. He he almost cast Warren Beatty or Robert Redford, which he was just like no there too there too hot too hot and Dustin Hoffman's not now. All right, buddy. Great sorry, buddy. But he was the like weird nerdy guy. And actually, I've heard that you know, a read that that was. Is the moment that finally Nichols was able to piece the movie together was when he realized it was Hoffman. And not who you would expect to be like the rich kid who went to school and did well. Mr. suave realize he was not swamped which also makes him a more obvious obvious pawn to be manipulated by someone. Yes, actually, especially could not manipulate a young Warren Beatty. No way, you know. No one could really. So in the end Academy Award nominations for picture actor actress supporting actress adapted screenplay cinematography and then Mike Nichols. Actually won the Academy Award for best director, pretty amazing. Yeah. This also, you know, this was Mike Nicholls second film, while the film that he had done before that was small film who's afraid of Virginia Woolf. Jeez. That's year before also was up for many kademi awards and won best picture. So that was this film was sixty seven right sixty six so the producer of this film. He actually hunted down Nichols like years before. And he had directed barefoot in the park turned Broadway, which is no small feat. But otherwise was a not really known director. He was known for his comedy very much. So, but he wasn't really. A well known director. And. He, you know. There is somebody out there that saw like, you know, this movie might not get made next year or the year after the you're out you're east a long way to go. But knew he wanted him as a director before they shot the film he directed. Several other Broadway shows that did really well and right odd couple and who's afraid of wolf, and then obviously directed the film who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, but you know, he he just somebody Saul something great and him and pulled him out years before and said, you're the director for this film. Well, which is pretty cool. That's amazing. It's pretty cool. All right. We finish up with five questions was the first movie remember seeing in the movie theater Fantasia. All right with a bullet. Is that right? Yes. That's definitely right Fantasia. I R rated movie you ever saw anywhere home or in the theater. Do you know what's topgun rated probably like PG thirteen what is top gun raise? Our? I saw that at the drive in theater with my mom. My my my mom worked on that fourteen program. So she took me to go. See it at the drive in. 'cause I wasn't allowed to see. It could have been PG thirteen. Okay. They definitely get it on. And I was a kid. All right. We walk out of a bad movie. No you'll stick around. Definitely. I don't remember what Sean said I'll definitely stick around. The right in less in less like the movie was like seven hours long like is it really going to kill me to try it for another hour. Okay. And even if it was something crazy like super racist or super whatever. I would stick around because I'd be like, please tell me they're doing this satirically, and there's a point. And when I see the I'm going to be like, wow, it was all worth it. Okay. That's fair enough number four. What actress do you most wish in this is at any point in time? You could make a movie with as your co star like either a buddy comedy or drama. Like e equal co-star dream dream job..

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Mike Nichols, Director, Dustin Hoffman discussed on Movie Crush

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