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And of course we're on every single major podcast format and if you can please go ahead and subscribe to our show the also as well if you can give us a five star review. We truly appreciate that as well before we call out the show. My friend GonNa talk to more things and the rumor mill has started. There's always a room going on with it comes to marvel who wants to be in the marvel movies who could be in the marvel movies except Your Cetera. Henry Campbell's name is the latest name to be dropped into a rumor of the Marble. Samak universe that he could be playing the role of Wolverine. So ask my friend. This is something you're interested as he thinks it's the right move. You think it's super that this would happen. Let me know about the possibility which is again in the rumor. Stage of Henry cavill possibly becoming the Wolverine. Think that it'd be a good fit until like I saw people showing these photos of him. Memories totally jacked up on Mana Steel. And he's got the beard going I sit there and thinking to myself. You know what he could do it. You know what I think about the gruff you know. In the brutishness he shows during the witcher. It could do well you know and I know that. Dc is still there are rumblings of him. Still playing superman and you know him eventually returning to that role and to have him like play like that's a TRIFECTA. As having be superman in Wolverine and girl Garrelt of Riviera like he'd be a really busy man like I'm curious if his schedule would accommodate something of that magnitude because I know the witcher is so long show like the the filming season that's long lasting is like what thirteen months. You know the marble films like they're starting to film faster and faster now. 'cause they're they're pumping them out a lot faster. But like I still to have him be part of the net flicks universe the the DC universe the MC. You like. That would be a busy schedule. And I don't feel like he would be able to have all of that going for him or he might kind of exhaust himself first off. I don't think he would sign on us over and stay as Superman is going to be either one of the other. I would love to see him play. Wolverine and I would love to see him. Keep playing Carrollton Riviera. Whoever plays it next has got a lot to live up to and Henry cavill playing that role. I'm not sure can get a debt. Yeah I mean I you know I'm not going to say yes or no. I think you'd be cool in that. Roy Honestly can't but that might just be because at the moment I can't think of anybody else who would be any better. I'm not sure if Henry cavill can be the guy to go ahead. Try on the clause after Hugh Jagmeet but again Wayne See. It's only speculation rumor at this point in time. Josh and I wanted to go ahead and discuss it. The just throw it out there. Because that's the latest hod rumor for the MC you is that there's a possibility Henry cavill could become the next wolverine. What are your thoughts out there on Henry cavill possibly being the next Wolverine? Do you think it's super or do you think it's not so Super Sherzer? Thoughts pop culture cosmos at Yahoo Dot. Com was been a great episode. My friend I cannot think enough for being a part of it but one last thing on the way out. I don't know how you're feeling about this. But BALDUR's gate three's coming out from the makers of divinity original sender developing the game and they showed off a lot of gameplay footage up patsies last week so I wanna ask you my friend. It is an artist type adventure. There's still that. Stigma that artists gaming has that people that are in the F. B. S. person shooters or things of that nature. Still have a hard time like me getting into because has always been a tough deal for me to get into is Baldur's gate. Three the answer to a lot of people don't want to say wishes when it comes to combining action and RT as gaming but is it a step in the right direction that will get a lot more gamers interested into a new form of artists gaming. People always want to reinvent the franchise but with these high world fantasy games. It's not so much about what the game plays like. As it is the world in the story it exists in the Baldur's gate is and it's a franchise it's been around for a while you know. And they've kind of gone through their paces and I know they're trying to reinvent their game. Play right now but you know as much as I love the old Gauntlet Games like they. Just don't hold up to today you know even like we'll get final fantasy games like they went from having this separate battle system to like an active battle system right like you're actually participating in its in. Its almost like the Devil. May Cry Style. Combat is what people want right. Now Sodas Baldur's gate using a hybrid system. Are they going to be able to reinvigorate themselves and get people interested in what they're doing? Possibly but I mean when it comes to these fantasy games as gameplay what people are after or is it the world and like the mechanics at the game offers hope it bridges that gap between action gaming and real time strategy that will create a environment for those wanting to play. The game wanted to get into that world of Baldur's gate and here's hoping that the success of Baldur's gate three who create more of an interest in real time strategy gaming. Well it's been awesome episode on Friday. My friend were going onward because.

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