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Let's go deeper now at CBS correspondent Seth Doane who joins us from Rome this morning and Seth thank you for joining us how does a national quarantine work our people as staying inside voluntarily or is this a demand from the government it is voluntary for the most part unless you've been exposed to someone with the corona virus that saying here that slogan in Italian is left out a a kite that is today at home so you had the government asking entire country sixty plus sixty two million people to stay at home and from the look for the most part from what we've seen people are following those guidelines there are some exceptions people are allowed to go out in the case of emergency or necessity or work so this is not some sort of military crackdown lockdown as you might imagine the stores are open though there are far fewer people a grocery stores here in the center of Rome are open I was walking I live near the Spanish steps were shooting around the Spanish steps yesterday and it was a beautiful day and they were probably about ten percent or so the people you would normally see out there but there were people out there tourists young people in particular we encountered some young people on the street he said you know I I I'm not at risk so I'm out we asked them about it potentially being carriers there wasn't that much concern from the folks that we spoke with but I would say for the most part Italians are exceeding government warnings are staying in the part of these new government like guidelines also include that all shops and restaurants have to close by six PM also asked if I was walking home after a late evening news live shot quite late and it was like a ghost town everything shattered no one on the streets quite strange in a big city like world yes since on the video or the pictures we've seen the specially some of the tourist sites that are often crowded with with tourists are just eerily empty right now yeah it is quite strange but then you see people out there snapping selfie that been going out like when a storm comes everyone runs to the beach to take pictures even though they maybe shouldn't be out you have some of that your people to look at the Trevi fountain with no people it is quite unusual for those of us who live here it reminds me honestly a bit of August fifteenth which is a major national holiday and everything is closed in some cases the bar down here the restaurant a coffee shop in in my building is is open but there are far fewer people the governor had been pushes within the government to make some of these guidelines which restricts travel ban public gatherings they've closed all schools and universities but they mention the shops and restaurants are able to stay open until six PM there have been calls to increase that if this virus continues to spread and we've spoken with doctors who say look Kate Italy as a warning use social distancing stop the spread of this virus in the community because by the time you get to the hospital the hospital systems get overwhelmed right now all right says a keep safe and does CBS correspondent sat down there joining us from Rome let's hope that all.

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