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National average interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgages unchanged, It's still 3.2%. Wholesale inventories fell 2% in June after analysts were forecasting 1/2 percent gain. This is the second month in a row for declines and wholesale inventories and suggests that consumers might be growing more enthusiastic about buying since inventories increased in April as the Corona virus pandemic kept millions of Americans locked down. First Look at Wall Street trading right now, the Dow is up 15 points and NASDAQ is up 85. The S and P 500 is up 15. Something is being developed at Kodak, and it's not film. My administration is using the Defense Production act to provide a $765 million lung. To support the launch of Kodak Pharmaceuticals. Resident Trumps announcement did not end there for a company that used to be synonymous with film and cameras, but has struggled with changes in that industry. Using advanced manufacturing techniques. Kodak will also make The key starting materials that are the building blocks for many drugs in a matter that is both cost competitive and environmentally safe. President says the deal will reduce the U. S. Dependence on chemicals from India and China for pharmaceutical production could be time to cash in that big jar of change. We've talked here before about the nationwide coin shortage. It's a combination of people staying at home and not wanting to touch physical money. Gotten so bad. The U. S. Mint is asking Americans to go down to those kiosks and trade their cash for coins. Now our coins for cash in this case now a Chick fil and Virginia is so desperate for coins. Actually offering a $10 bill and a free entree to anyone who trades in $10 worth of coins. Next money update Coming up potato. I got that much in the couch. Pat Water. Kay away News Radio 7 45 Thank you. Kay and sports. Rocky's looking good. Get another one on the road, three wins. Marty. I know it's only been four games, but it may be time to break up the Rockies as they pick up another win last night in Oakland. It sounded like this right here on K O a grounder to third. No one's got it on over the first ball game. Rocky's make it three in a row. Maur. Good work, and the offense came alive tonight. Final score from Oakland. Rocky's eight. Athletics three Jack organ on the call. Antonio sends a tele picking up his 1st 1 of the year. Five strong innings, scattering six hits, just two runs and three strikeouts. Sam Hilliard, his first bomb of the year, two run blast, and David Doll on R B I double as well. The rocks look to make it four in a row this afternoon in Oakland, Herman Marquez looking for his first win against Frankie Montas. You can hear the game right here at 1 40 Our coverage on Kaylie starts at one o'clock, one of their baseball note. That's also sort of a football No. Yesterday, the Cannes City Royals announced that Kim City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose father Pat Mahomes, pitch in the big leagues for 11 years, has become a minority owner of their baseball club, making him the youngest minority owner of a sports franchise in America at just 23 years old as Broncos president, football operations and GM John Elway yesterday who was a pretty Baseball player in his own right about the home's ownership stake and his new contract, the richest in the history of team sports that allowed under by a portion of the Royals. First of all in the front office, he could spend half his time over with Rose. That's fine with me, too. Spending all this time over there, but, you know, I'm busy with this contract. He's the best football player in the league and, you know, I think it's a well deserved contract. The Broncos that's reported to the training center yesterday for their first round of covert 19 testing is a open training camp. They had a team meeting in the afternoon. I'll be allowed in the building in a couple days after more rounds of tests. And one other NFL note. Joey, both charges pass rusher now becomes the highest paid defensive player in football history when he signs his contract likely today, five years, $135 million.78 million guaranteed it signing in 102 million guaranteed in.

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