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Chilton but yet I like like you said he added cost of tires and whatnot is is the big differentiator. I don't know how much of a difference I would make but I can't disagree with your point there. Yeah it's Kinda hard to hard to draw a line in the sand. I guess honestly I you know. They brought back morning warm-ups which they took away for a long time and in so they they have given a more time but obviously at a track were. There is no conflict a little more time would be great but unfortunately I think right now. It's just not gonNA happen and to kind of add onto that a little bit to another thing. I think it should be addressed. Zep In indy lights right now. What they have what tools they have. I M S and gateway and I think that's it so even the guys coming up from indy lights right now aren't getting in my opinion enough experience to make that step to go to a Texas or previously Pocono and and so like I full faith that you're going to go out there and nail it so again that's kind of just reinforced in my opinion there but I think going forward now that there is only the two super speedways one big rate is now is Texas and drivers have seen come up to speed with that very quickly more recently. That's good so I guess it was always just kind of thinking as far pocono Pocono ever come back. I would have some concerns. Yeah it's fair. It's a good question. We could bait for a long time. About what would be the ideal situation. But we don't have time because we do have some fan questions tonight. I'm going to start us off. Fan Trevor. Mcclure from facebook wants to know with doing more prostitutes. The plan Here lately it seems like do we see anything like the Iraq series or something similar ever returning. Well that would be fantastic and thank you. Trevor for messaging me the question in jotting racing the other day. I would love it but died. I sincerely doubt it. It's one of those pipe-dream if we can find some sort of dot something expensive type of thing. Yeah sure but probably not the question trevor. I'm GonNa go with the never say. Never you know trying to be a little ray of sunshine here because I'm not normally the ray of sunshine on the show but never say never and I think Iraq was was awesome. And I think if we could find some sort of happy medium to bring that discipline I think the fans would react really positively to it. It just kinda comes down to finding someone to start it up but you know I'm not going to say no because I don't think we can never definitively say it's never gonNA happen. I am going to say no definitive expensive lag. Mike pointed out but also given the other series on Nascar F. One the links of their seasons and overlapping in things getting people interested to come from other series in be able to do that with no conflicts than anything else would be very difficult so I think that the people who may be interested in running this hypothetical series would would end up with conflicts with somebody else who is interested so I think it would be difficult to get enough people interested in time slots in their busy seasons to make it work. Just what it feels like when you guys are both Kinda rays of sunshine in the night is coming in storm. Cloudy you very weird. It's not this is weird that year. Then posited widened as a weird feeling. What's going on here I? I'm not sure I like that. And to add onto your point pretty soon one's going to be at Lake. Forty-seven raises a year. Whatever they're trending towards so yeah I I guess I kind of ads for us at like forty three or something right so it's it makes it very difficult layer thirty six. They've gone backwards. Well regardless that's still a lot of rage is almost the full year yet. F one is not to exaggerate F. One is trending towards twenty two or twenty three which is more than anything they've ever done. So yeah the racing. Calendars definitely already full as is but Like an never say never in my opinion. Next question is from Chad Franken on twitter. You want to know would aid. Traction compounds system like a tire dragon. Help track like Richmond on allowing a second grooves. Maybe but let's let 'em race once before we start worrying about it the Oleg. It's a little early to even think about that especially at Richmond. But I mean it's it's something to keep in the back of their head for down the road. I think the big debate there will be resolved in the open test at Richmond which I believe is March twenty fifth. If I read correctly in hopefully I'll be able to get down there for the day so Chad. Thanks for the question and thanks for always chatting racing with me and I'll follow up with you in a couple weeks on that one so I'm sorry. Go ahead I think the thing for me would be is if it's tough to see how the banking is going to affect the cars. Because I think if the banking is sufficient enough there should be a second groove. It's just tough. I really don't know and I don't honestly think that it's higher. Dragging thing is GonNa help just because I saw what happened at Phoenix and we all saw what happened. Phoenix didn't help at all so and I believe maybe even Texas too. I can't remember if they did that. A Texas turn three or four but I wanted to but you know. I don't think that is the foolproof system that people think it is so I think we'll have to kind of like Mike said the test goes and then see if there's something that is actually needed at all I before we'd start to jump to that conclusion before the race but even if they do decide after the first test of this kind of a one track that. The dragons not a foolproof system. Either ever well so. The next question comes from somebody. I know very well and that would be my father. So thank you dad for submitting your first fan question after many text messages asking you to submit one at some point so with that being said who fills the remaining indy lights slots and the second part of that question is who will the championship battle. Come down to the championship. Battle is going to come down to Kyle Kirkwood versus Kyle Kirkwood and Kyle Kirkwood needs to stay Kirkwood's way to win the title and as far as filling those seats you know a couple of names still out there. One is Rasmus. Lind who I believe is connected to Lardy. There's a mysterious third age. Md motorsports entry that has yet to be announced as far as the driver But they have been posting many social media's about testing so with three cars there so they've only announced the two drivers at this point. The rest you know injured. I don't have a clue on. There's a party or two that maybe.

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