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Together deebo samuel. I think you gotta start him at this point. I'm very disappointed in george kittle but if you drafted george kettle. I think you've got no issue. I i mean. I think you have no choice but to start up. Just four for seventeen against philadelphia. I think the big question people are going to have is in the backfield for good reason. Everybody is hurt joe. Michael hasty has a high ankle. Sprain trae sermon has a concussion. Obviously we know about most jeff wilson. Elisa mitchell has a stinger. he had to come back in that game out of necessity. Is he going to be okay. For sunday that backfield is something. We've got to watch throughout the week. Don't have all the information as we record here on a wednesday. Yeah they picked up Think a jock. Patrick or josh says patrick bengals practice squad something to keep an eye on. Finally monday night joe. It's the eagles and the cowboys yet. So let's look at the cowboys first and foremost because we've got an injury that needs to be watched mark. Cooper's got a rib injury and if a mark cooper's got that rib injury wonder what the and he can't play or these limited which we don't know yet by the way they're not even they don't even have to put out a practice report until thursday afternoon because this is monday game. What does the cowboys approach going to be. Now let's knock down a little narrative street here. Amari cooper has historically struggled when darius lie has shadowed him the eagles are not shadowing as a matter of fact they're playing the highest percentage of zone defense in the entire nfl under new defensive coordinator. Jonathan gannon now. Maybe that changes. If cooper place maybe slaves like dude. I own this guy. Let me cover him. He's hurt cover them. Maybe that changes but through two games. That hasn't been the case. For dairy sleigh. they've been playing sides The eagles stylistically. And i heard greg cosell talking about this. And i think he'll. He'll probably talk about it with you on the ross. Tucker football podcast. Jonathan gannon and Brandon staley the head coach of the chargers come from similar backgrounds. They're tight. They both play a lot of too high safety split safety. What are the cowboys decided to do against chargers. Last week run they came out running. And tony pollard has been excellent. You can make the argument. He's better than zeke. And i actually thought zico alright against the chargers. So i think the cowboys are gonna come out and run. Zeke is an rb one..

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