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And what about doing with this? I just know don't think. So I wish I got it. Tony. I really do. I just look at you when I see Toni Braxton, the Toni Braxton, right the Braxton matriarch. Not not that. When you think about? But okay done. Birdman posted on his his Instagram page, the number four life with hard emoji and tagged Toni Braxton eight the are with matching sunglasses matching haircuts. Alright nails. Yeah. Colour scheme as well. Slow everything here is just you know, June. It's best to look like it goes together. And yet, I don't buy it. Yeah. I really feel like Toni Braxton. Deserve so much more than what Birdman can give her like what exactly is the appeal here. But all right. I don't I can't you know till another grown woman what to do with her life or hover Jonah Tony breaks. Just like a rich ass. Ridge fine, South Asian man, or something snow holds a speak seven languages as I don't give a flak about whatever song you sing. Yes. Just I'm over here independently wealthy, and I just think you'd beautiful what is it that you do something in America? That's fun. Would you like to call? My yet something like that. I want somebody to break down for me. Like explain it to me like I'm three years old. What is the appeal of being Bartman? I just do not see. But who who are we to maybe bird me? I mean that it yet. Who are we to really say anything about anybody burn man wakes up in the morning, and he serves her a play to eggos hot out, the toaster with a little cinnamon sugar and butter onto toasted really and. Yeah, the microwave perhaps not plugging the toaster. As much..

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