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So then i decided that my time would be best used praying in what's called george washington chapel. It's nestled between speaker. Nancy pelosi's office and the rotunda the giant rotunda. I know that you've been in many of your viewers have been so i went over there the chaplain. The deputy chaplain came over and let the end. But before i went in i went over down by speaker pelosi's office and i saw her staff people and they were scurrying around like chickens with their heads cut off and i and i said i i'm going into the chapel and they didn't even pay attention to me they said we've got to get out of lockdown and i actually thought they said there's trump supporters in the building and i i thought they were overwrought. It's like so what trump supporters you know. These are the nicest people in the world. So i went in to pray in the chapel and i was in there and i had a meeting scheduled at three o'clock was secretary of state. Mike pompeo over at the state department building. He and i were former colleagues in congress and so i was going to go over and see him and i thought well you know. This boat is going to be all day all night. I'll go over. I'll meet with secretary pompeii. I'll come back. And i'll pray. And so i left the prayer chapel right off the rotunda and actually. It's a good thing that i left when i did. Because it was literally just a later that the agitators came broke into the building and came in. And i'm glad that i wasn't confused with them because i was wearing normal clothes. Just normal mom but of course but of course. We're being confused with them now. Because everyone who designed eric rowe trump is being accused of being a violent agitator. And i just want to beat the record as saying that is nonsense. It's worse the nonsense. It's an evil lie and we need to keep saying that over and over because this is truly despicable i And we we have to say it over and over and remind ourselves and everyone who's listening. What nonsense this is that. A few hundred people. We don't know who they are. Obviously some of them were pro trump. Some of them now. We know were not pro-trump. They had infiltrated but it did. It's a whole madness. But it was a few hundred people and literally a million plus people outside their for this joyous thing and they are being lumped in with the agitators and then everyone in america about eighty million. People are much more than that if you consider the people The kids and stuff who would be pro-trump who who didn't vote..

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