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On some of the random things have happened to you invested. Tell the paper about one two. Well nine two of my heads of your your You'll must random moments invested in. That happened so i can easily site one of them And this is the story that few people will switch off now because they've heard me say a bus and because i just have to sign a landau and this was weighing. Austin aries was the ip w champion and they'd find champion and he left the belts in the uk. Because we've got enough stuff with you. Don't necessarily travel back to the states with to uk championship else. The problem was he then. Won the impact. Tortola saturday typing. And he was time he was being cool. The belt collector so therefore the next the next show was the next guy and he needed to come out with the belts and we message from bidding would running nations. Pwa what are you doing tomorrow. Rating on you guys will fancy got into land down. I don't think he'd he's lost the clock here. I know yes in some big days. Some crazy ideas but they've taught me really has lost it and it was this roussel mid afternoon and it didn't hit hug until about five company. When will be fantasy possible and also this is actually happening. Some way they drive down to hayes picked the belt. Sop get hung. Get about two three hours sleep in the air for the next morning. I don't know what's happening. I get all applying tool and of the pine inonu bittu universal studios which straight into the studio to drop the belts off to austin aries and still unjust so confused as to what's going on in the war of what's happening railway. I don't say one of the strangest moments day was totally drained of walking up to me and remembering made from being his driver one time in the uk..

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