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The from being an employee told me starting a business and that leads you to be how business rockstars what was that like yeah i so if you're if you're really far back it's appropriate being in burbank is why was a trial like you know everybody's euros a a different things michael eisner was my hero you right he ran disney it's this amazing platform radio an and and and cartoons and everything is i'm like a ten year old kid who loves michael eisner um but i think as you know very quickly my career so i i graduated from washington lewis i join bennett companies consultant and there's appeared in their rick wicketless if this isn't really for me this is an fifth for what i want to do and i was lucky enough to tell a friend who made the jumped so he left his own consulting firm and started a company and i said you know what that's what i've been feeling like somewhere inside you read about these things you focused on them learn about them those are the most experienced i want and so i luck dan and moved to new york and join a start off then the funny part was uh six months than we shut down it didn't work out i worked in these amazing founders though they are founded virgin mobile for what we're trying to new mobile virtual network operators as the vice the eyes i the guy actually hired me from the finest in quit two weeks after a joint assembly i had a lot more spots i just i loved it it was it was amazing and so um we you know despite the fact that my friends pull though i told you so and it didn't work out here i i knew that i was hooked and that's what i was that was a space not was was going to do for the rest of my life and that's what i've been doing less than yours wants talk about a moment where you felt and your business on your personal life like it was over like giving up and i.

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