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Then it's jammed over two miles Norwell into Pembroke crashed shortly after 1 39 Scott, you down that one lane miking WBC's traffic on the three Alright, multiple severe thunderstorm warnings up right now from the National Weather Service. Let's make our way through these. We've got One up till just about 6 30 out in Berkshire County for a storm there. We also have one up until just about 10 minutes from now for north Eastern western north Central Middlesex County's that storm making its way through lemon stir and that area we have another one until 6 30 for parts of Essex in northern Middlesex County's, and then you make your way over closer toward the coast parts of Essex and Middlesex County, Norfolk County and Suffolk County, The city of Boston. We've got severe storm warnings up in that region, this part of the state till seven o'clock. Now this line of storms, of course, fueled by all this hot, sticky weather we've had out there for the past few days. National Weather Service says We could have very gusty winds with these storms were talking 60 Mile an hour winds. There's history of hail with these as well. There was a tornado warning with these storms earlier, but again right now, just severe thunderstorm warnings. So we've got these storms moving through, then later on tonight. You're going to notice the temperatures will change a bit. We have a low near 75 tomorrow, still humid, but not nearly as hot a high only in the eighties right now checking out the radar. Seeing those storms coming into Wilmington, Burlington, making their way through Boxborough and Lancaster right now, where it's 89 degrees south of town. Just some clouds in a cushion it where it's 84 west of the city, 85 in Springfield, right now in Boston at 606 dark clouds moving into the hub and where 93 degrees, but it feels like 100 1. Comedian Bill Cosby is home tonight, Hours after he was released from a Pennsylvania State prison. Cosby's sexual assault conviction overturned today by the state's highest court at court, citing a procedural problem for this move. The court says the prosecutor who brought the case against Cosby never should have because he was bound by his predecessors agreement not to charge Cosby One of the comedians former co stars offering support Me in Hollywood, Unhappy with Bill Cosby surprised released from prison Wednesday, but his former TV wife is celebrating Phylicia Rashad, who played Claire Huxtable on the Cosby Show Tweeting..

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