President Trump, Lanny Davis, Trump Trump discussed on Mark Levin


Of in some people who say they, do and then Jump like rats off of a sinking ship it's amazing to me people positioning themselves, and broadcasting If you care about the constitution you. Should be repulsed literally. Repulsed by what's taking place Prosecutors accountable to nobody making allegations You have individuals with all, these charges wind up against them Or making bargains their plea plea deals You have the case of Cohen is representatives Lanny Davis. And Lanny Davis has conduct the last today's shows you what his primary issue is Trump not as client in my humble opinion But this is very clever and it's being done in the shadows and I guarantee you that the. Special counsel and the deputy US attorney in the southern district in New York are coordinating There's overlap of personnel And a singular purpose coordinating And they're building. Up allegations against the president that's all they are And, that's why they were so desperate to get. These campaign so-called violation Accounts Fled to by by, Cohen and you can see Lanny Davis running. Around see that means the president's gonna turn the president's guilty. Tone the president's guilty to presents not guilty of anything These are not campaign violations Then they. Get the National Enquirer guy Say yes yeah you. Know Trump Trump agreed directed, those payments as a matter of fact we made payments here to make sure we. Wouldn't run. Certain, stories and so forth, campaign violation no they're not campaign violations. Not in the not in the least The fact that you cannot listen the fact that you kind, of indicted sitting president is now being used against the president, in a very very diabolical, way, your, prosecutors, making allegations, that cannot be challenged and tested. In a court of law, during the course of a trial against a president of the United States and they. Intend to. Put, him in a peach my report send it to the house When you're out. In the summer.

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