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Winston came up with a figure of five thousand dollars per person per year so we lost nearly thirty thousand people from twenty ten to twenty twenty and it times five thousand per person per year. I'm not a mathematician but it seems like that amounts to about one hundred fifty million dollars in federal funding per year. Give net a loss of population. And it's gonna had the most impact on health care funding from the feds and food and nutrition programs. Those are probably the two types of programs that are most dependent on census population numbers. Urban areas have traditionally than undercounted. They're harder to count because they have larger homeless populations and very hard to track those people down and they also have large populations of people that are simply just afraid of the government and don't want to respond. They don't have the voluntary response rate that you have in suburban and rural areas and so there's some hope for the city of detroit but i'm not gonna hold my breath on it. It was just a bad situation all around bought. We talked about this for. I think we've talked about it for two years actually Michigan league republic policy was out talking about the fact that detroit was going to be undercounted. I have no idea how many people they lost but people just did not get counted. You know there was a pandemic. There was an idiot in the oval office. So here we are now muan. Yeah let's move on. There's always more to talk about this time. let's start with a couple of stories around some state representatives. this is This is also disturbing. I'm gonna start with joel jones democratic representative for the eleventh district which is garden city. Inkster that area in april of this year. He was arrested by the state police who found him in his suv. In a ditch. The police have been called by multiple witnesses because the driving was insane like just so reckless. At one point driving eastbound in the westbound lane of i ninety six anyway ultimately he rolled over into a ditch. That's where the police found him in his passenger and he had a loaded forty caliber glock handgun in the vehicle. His pants are undone. The woman with him was unresponsive vomiting and it would later be revealed that his blood alcohol level was allegedly point one eight so more than double the legal limit. Now this is back in april upright and this is a serious allegation even though it may sound funny and parts you know. Because he's a lawmaker right. It's he's violating a law in a way that kills people and that in itself is bad enough. If that's where it stopped that would be bad enough but that's not where it stopped. And he started fighting with people. He told the state troopers the same night that he was going to call gretchen. Whitmer and she'll take their id's and their badges. He said he was in charge of their budget. Threatened them all that and if it stopped there that would be bad enough but it still didn't. He still obstructed he. He pushed an emt. He was to get into the ambulance. That was there for his passenger. Who was unconscious. They officers by the end of the night whilst the officers taste him twice and use pepper spray on just to get him into handcuffs and so he spent the night in county and at the end of it all ended up with eight charges against him and then You know and he was released on bond. He agreed not to drink Mere he agreed to random drug testing that kind of thing and then he went to facebook and he made some light..

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