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Life you're also that moderation and the pursuit of justice is no virtue I once asked senator Goldwater all the radio I think was here on KGO with America already came to San Francisco I think was a live interview and I asked a simple question I said what did you mean by that and Goldwater answered well look John when the president Eisenhower went out to Normandy it was an extreme action sometimes extremism is a necessary part of life and I guess what bothers me is that the rhetoric that was used by Democrats against Barry Goldwater or the rhetoric that was used to get Bill Clinton remember when Bill Clinton was accused of killing Vince foster I need to get on the list is extreme rhetorical it just frustrates the hell out of me so when I heard today Hayley and congressman Collins I thought this doesn't belong in the American body politic well I guess we're never gonna get rid of it and remember this is an election year four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten I want to know what you think would you be upset with a candidate who uses extreme language do you think that extreme language contributes to the lack of civility in political debate four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten John Rothman right here on KGO Rothman on KGO eight ten in an effort to clean up its thirty street San Francisco's been hiring each patrol person makes one hundred eighty four thousand dollars a year salary and benefits wow I didn't know that I do they did well you got a premium for that kind of work yeah that is furious Luciano well you where are you going Albert you have to give two weeks notice before you get on procedural Phaseolus seeking candidates for the not so lucrative position of talk show producer contact mark Thompson tentative KGO eight ten oh my goodness all I can tell you is I know where I'm going I'm going to cal mark Calmar located at thirty five eighty five California street between spruce and locust street why am I going to cal more because what I want the freshest produce when I want the best vegetables I go to cal Mart and I know that Joey and Matt are right there stocking the shelves putting everything out were retired but I went in the other day even though right has not been there now for a couple weeks the produce still looks pristine at amp what I want a good piece of chicken or meat I go to Dominic and a freelance journalist because I know I'm getting quality and as for the belly can't go wrong Turkey sandwich of you memorable those Turkey sandwiches and all they were delicious consumed in an instant and and my friends it's the things from sweet things that really got to me so when I go to cal mark I'm going to save space there's a parking lot in the back are you can park no charge I know that what I'm getting there is good and that's what's important so when you go to cal mark you know you're getting the best quality product the weather is produce meets the belly or desserts so when you go into Kmart you tell him John Rothman such you still going.

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