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And then Michael Gonzales at Michael Zola's, sixty two wants to know if Zack Ryder's the Michael Jordan wrestling figure collecting what does that makes him Roberts the monkey boots. You first of all those are sports references, and you don't get first of all I myself, the Michael Jordan, arrested collecting, I know that. Okay. So you see no Michael Jordan is because of probably more like the Air, Jordan, shoes and the in the apparel. But you have no idea who Muggsy Bogues is. Right. It's muggy Bogues. I think you're saying it wrong. Yeah. But I'm Canadian. That's how I said. I actually. Okay, good. So what what's what's the beef real beef Sam Roberts? He's a he's a fake. Wrestling collector. Okay. And if you're we've been actually hawking side, we've been looking for Sam we've been looking for him. And it appears that he is so far hidden up Bill Makina, the the designer of Mattel up his, but that nobody can find because he did a podcast with Bill Makita kissing his. But the whole time. Figure here. So great, listen. I major. It's a sculpting. This has gusting. Glad we also also Ludvig Borge figure should have ten fingers and only has nine despicable, really. Childhood broken one. He's an adult by one. It's not an off. No. It's just that. It's a childhood one. That's broken. So I have a Rick Martel strikeforce action figure has a chunk out of the side of the nose here. My my parents basement would I have to get new one. I couldn't couldn't use that for my collection chunk. I've talked about this. Okay. I have my original Eljay to they're all chewed up. The paints all warned in a toy box in my parents basement for my display am my glass cabinets. I have meant beautiful UN's. Well, I'm gonna dull collective here. Very seriously. And I am the Michael Jordan of wrestling collected. The new steel that strikeforce figure from Adam. No, no, he stole it from me. Okay. And I still a back. Gotcha. I've found it hidden. I was going over to his house to Rick Martel was my champion in my federation. And. One day. I was going through my box figures. I couldn't find my my champion title defense. And I was a little perplexed this to where Rick went, and I remembered Adam was at my house a couple of days before in my head of Mike. Did he steal my Rick Martel action figure 'cause he's been wanting it because he had the figgy had the the Tito and he could find the the Martell. So. I've just piecing altogether using investigative tactics. And I was over at his place a couple of days later, and he went out to the kitchen his mom called him out to the kitchen. So he went out, and I was like I wonder if it's hidden in his closet and very quickly. I dug through it. I found it under a stack of shirts and his closet, and I put it in my jacket pocket and his bedroom was on street level. So when I left his house, I knocked on his bedroom window, and he opened his curtains, and I reached in my pocket. I pulled out the figure held it up to the window any melt on the other side mother fucker I stole his property, and he chased me up the street, and I ran away. I was running up the street on my hold on a second. I stole my own figure back. Why am I writing away from it? It's like what was he gonna do take the the thing that he stole from me back. Nicholas. I had a question. Yeah. Have you guys heard anything about L J N coming back? There is a mysterious Jackson tweets. I was curious if you have any insight into that sack. That's actually on the news this week on the major podcasts. Yes..

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