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Uh-huh. Because my match with NATO started at New Year's dash last year to your year ago. A year ago? And I just realized that this whole year has been Jericho feuding with my on there's been dips and doodles with other members of his team and stuff. But I like, wow, I wonder if Gaito planet it that way. And I think he does I think he does. And I think he you'll like I think he has an idea for it. But then he also reacts to stuff like if something changes, and it may be against what he originally thought. It would just go play it Boyer and change it. But yet is like I think this one of the differences, the long term stories and stuff they lost about long hair. And they definitely pay off like you guys last night in with me and Okada's well, and Kenyan and tonner even that that goes back to I think started two thousand sixteen at least when they had their when knock Murray was leaving. And then that was when Kenny came up to loss AJ, Madison Nicobar, I can't he was the guy that came up to replace them as that as that main top guy, and so and the ad that first big match was against for the boat at the time. So. Yeah. It all comes back around. And it will just makes a beautiful for the story for the show for the fans as well. I was going to talk store you mentioned the Naito match. I took a pile driver on the on the ramp and he had wanted to do that. And you're like okay powders on the floor. Never something that you wanted to think about especially when it's not on a pad, but it's the Tokyo dome. Right. And I'm like, okay. Sure. So I went out of my way to protect myself. Of course, it's spike my head even worse, and I felt like my head like burning. That's why when I saw because I didn't see last night we were just off to. So, you know, by the time, you get back to back to the room and in Komen sweat right catcher, so sore this morning. I was I had me look like you really fell and it's over his day. So then I'm in the ring during the match, and I see these strands of hair thick strands affair with little pink thing at the end of it as his knighthood hair extensions or what is this? Is it my hair and low and behold after the match I had. Big like like a little mini miniature Indian had scalped me. Oh, jeez. Right. Like a quarter sized pink spot with no hair for from the ball drill. Driver. Rip my hair out. And what I was seeing the ring we're strands of hair a little pieces of by scout. Scalp against. So there there's your inside story on that one. But I mean, there's something about the I mean last year wrestle kingdom you worked with HANA this year with Okada like that Tokyo dome. Like I've worked a lot of wrestlemainia shows in domes stadiums. But there's just something about that dome. Just special beyond sped. It is awesome. It's especially like, you said for you, Maine's and stuff you've those bigger arenas boot for us over here. You know, they started to get bigger, but the difference between the dome and the other Rina's, they do it's, you know, it's huge. It's three times as big as the other big shows we do. So you know, when it finally comes around once a year, and I think the planning on doing to Nick say, what's that Nelson? Well, so that'll be interesting. But by the time, it comes around, it is it is as very special, and you know, it is way run wicks wicks too. Because when you work in when you work in a dome the sound travels up. Yeah. Rather than traveling down. So sometimes you'll do dome show, and you're thinking this nobody's making any. Another way to it. And I see that to someone off the show is well like after the match that also the sound of the fans, it doesn't get to you until like a few seconds onto it. So like, you know, if you're doing something in trying to react to the fans, you might stop it. Because like it's not where committed on the sudden the noise comes out. Okay. What was that too?.

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