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Implant the week mark comes back to me in thought pattern and fact from last week's discussion about the ten landscaping secrets or best ideas to consider consider and number seven on. That list was the use of color now. Color in flowers beat annuals perennials or or flooring crabs and spring and so on is is all part of it however the other day with this thought somewhat fresh in mind I turned a corner in a distant place that I rarely go by and and there was gold now not gold. You can pocket but gold in three plants that were back on the corner of a property property. And as best I could tell hustling on by the the corner that they were in was a southwest corner they would get all of the morning sun afternoon afternoon sun into evening and then they were backed up by some gray deciduous tree great deciduous trees and talk about pulling the eye to to a point of interest. Gold is is a little strong but it's it's a really really was was I should say a light green chartreuse that really stood out in on a winter day Halfway raining at that point in time and I just thought in terms of color I used to be afraid of using color and that day is long gone. I'm always careful now. That big plant that I saw probably was. It's what's called a so war or Japanese false Cyprus The False Cypress resembles the Arbor Vita Group. They're very different and different different habits in growth and so on and there are many many many of them but this one or the three probably were that kind now for those of you who are interested in adding adding some bright yellow like that. Hang on and your your pencil. It's came sippers. C. H. A. M. A. E. C. You y P. A. R. I S. and then among the whole who shall I say the whole group of them that this one is is the called Piscivora Sifra S. I F. E. R. A.. Now I didn't nor am I probably capability more of per se absolutely identifying the the plant. But I don't know of anything anymore gold that I hadn't thought about it in a long time. These plants would have been in place. I'm going to judge in the ten in plus year area and they will grow to between fifteen and twenty feet tall. So it's not something you put next to the house or next to the walkway or whatever. it goes out back but it really sparkled on a day like that and January in Ohio has a lot of those days so when it comes to that. It's it's a bright yellow. I'm I have mentioned in our color group. The variegated Rhododendron which is green and cream There are several Rhododendrons in there and and all the rest of the leaves are at best a green Sometimes when Nicole days they fall right up like a big cigar but at the same time they add color art and then there are other things. I mentioned the green of the bark. And it's it's it's settled but at the same time it's very decidedly mid green on the big shrub curious. Those are all things that you can add to a winter day to glance at out of given window or whatever We well they are used in many many ways but the the whole group of came sippers grow from practically as his lowest my knee. And that's my short on up to the twenty five thirty forty fifty foot range. So that's the reason I gave you. The fancy name came a sip. RECIPRO- sopher up. And then I think this one is called for lifter Oreo so once you get done pronouncing all of that. It's it's one of those things that could really add some color to your property..

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