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Go and he's like Hold on Click and then the phone rings again in its Gus Bend Eater and guesses like working with you talking about where are you? Why aren't you here? You know and I was like man. I got kicked out says many types in the computer. He's like dude. You're your debit card got disconnected. That's it and he's like No you're coming to San Diego and I'm like a dude. I'm about two three hours. Board my plane. I'm early He's like music in a car. Like you know what we do. We want your fucking friend your brother and we love you and see what you can do. And he's like meditate on it for a few minutes and tell me what your heart says and call me back so I didn't take me two minutes as instantaneous at felt disconnected And so I walked over to the kiosks at the Lady of the counter. And I was like. Do you have any flights San Diego? She's like do. There's one at least forty minutes. She's like there's nowhere to make it through the Las Vegas Airport. Gets a tram hit the plane? She's like it's a waste time with the money. I said Fuck it and I bought him. I ran to the fucking airport No no linus I it security straight through then have a bunch of bags with me. I went back Made the gate as they were closing. It like hey. Hey Hey and I get on the plane. They shut the door behind me. Like surgery take your and so I- landed in San Diego and Bernardo Hands. Be Room Keys. I don't worry about your brother. Britain Artsy Has a key and don't worry and then gusts as well like you know. We got your brother so I go I get checked in the room. Had to go and hurry and buy some black closed for for the event and So Uber around and then The first day fucking amazing I mean just the Energy. There is awesome for the second day. Someone else happened Second day well Shit. You guys had somebody that you're going to pull up on stage right. You had somebody that you're going to pull up on stage at where you're on a call. Somebody I guess the Guy Checked out. Yeah divine intervention right. Yeah and then Danny told me fucking Sam Calls. My name out of my heart antle. Dan told me so. I so I called we came. I think it was lunch or we came back from lunch. And then you know there was I had this feeling I wanted to call this guy on the stage is going to a lot of pain and I just want. I wanted to have a conversation and an implant anything that was coming after so I keep calling his name and he's not am I later on. I found out that he actually He went home and he was so so much in. Pain disconnected himself lunch. Yeah it's crazy. How the universe works. He moved up here move themselves and next thing. I know I'm like Some talking to them like I can't find him. And do you know anyone in paint and it goes dude. Let me let me think Jason. Man What Jason are technicals. Yeah okay man roll up right well let let me tell you about that. Pain pain in my heart. I don't feel like I had healed from my divorce after years and I feel like there was something still holding me. Back from really connecting With with crystal My fiancee now and I felt like there was there is I fucking knew it when you guys called name and you guys are sitting up there. I started to get this fucking feeling in my stomach and my heart started jittery. Like they're going to fucking call me I don't know why new Shit and then you call my name and I was like my fucker. What is this and I walk up? And Sam tells me like a candle. And it's your choice to relate your for your flame and we went through an experience. They're very very had been divine energy. God and God whatever you WanNa call it. Wow now tell you what? It was interesting because at one point I was holding a candle and I feel a warmth on my face and I can feel the warmth in my heart. I just on my chest and you were behind me your hands on on my heart and I feel like that's the spot that was broken bro. And are shattered. Maybe not broken just wasn't connected and you started going through the cycle and going through and talking through it Actually I've got another part to this Sam Here. He called me a friend When we were tattoo and I told him I said Hey man I I take friendship very seriously calling me a fucking friend. You better mean it and I mean we were there for each other right or die worse case scenario for two fucking years but we can actress and it's funny because when we're up there having that experience You said when I call your brother. This is what I mean. And you're helping me hill anyways. I I get to a point where I start feeling hands. Boom boom boom all over my fucking body and I opened my eyes at one point. I'm not holding a candle anymore but I can still ride my chest and you just kept telling me let it go man you have to let it go and and we talk about dividing pain amongst brothers. You know when we share stories of people. Divide that pain while we fucking divided that day because when I looked out there's a thousand men in a room all connected shoulder to shoulder hand to hand all the way through this whole building and it was. It was still an energy in that space. Yeah it was crazy man. What's your perspective of that? I mean that's my story side of it. I I call your name then I kinda like colleague just went into the moment of what what did I just like. It was just channeling I had. I had zero opinion about what happened. I had zero plan plan. There was so there you are. I'm sitting on the fucking stage you sitting in front of me and my lap. I put my hands on your heart. Yeah and then I I you hold the Kennel and say him and is your time to you. Know in your old with your heart. Ignatius something. I'm not sure if a lot of you guys know this about Al Sam here but he's a he's a fucking healer and knows it and he really takes men into a place that they never thought they could be and he communicates with with fucking heart and authenticity. And you really shift men into space. They'd never thought that they could reach. And he's a beautiful fucking version. No Bullshit fucking. You want a pat on the but there's no you go. There's like I said that they go. It wasn't even the Eagle was in heaven. President wasn't it was it was I was sitting there. I was holding your heart and You're given a chance to read the Cantillon. It was your choice you enforce and then and then I ask everyone to come and nine hundred people nine hundred guys like this is an image that like we have a picture of this and And it's going to be probably op is going to be the the picture of of this podcast but what. I'm what I can tell you. Is that without a doubt this experience? Maybe maybe years from now there was something similar to this but it was. It was one of a kind like it just won't ever ever be recreated. The nothing was plan. I don't know what the fuck was happening. We have nine hundred. Guys that got up from their chairs moved towards the stage kneeled and the all their hands was on your heart now. It's hard to imagine how to have nine hundred hands on one fucking guys body but it if you can visualize this like the guy sitting front their hands on are you and all the other guys. Their hands are are there on their forearms. So it forms this giant tree back giant tree of arms and liberty our that the hand of God experience. Which was you know through like the whole thing was the healing came through through the hands of your brothers. Remember that yes satellite. Allow the light to come in through the hands of your brothers any literally. Everybody conducted that experience. This is not some fucking energy. We're not talking about some hippie. Maybe like what some fucking nipple oil apple and started yet. This is not hippie. Shipman this is not oriental. Shit this is not some Chinese ships. This is not. This is not like this as the this is modern. Fucking modern men kneel down big ask grown ass men fathering husbands. They all believed that there was a healing energy coming through them. And Dude I I remember taking a breath and it was like breathing in the moment. Another big breath in and breathing out and then. I remember a collapse. It was like a breath and I couldn't I couldn't breathe and I when I opened my eyes and I didn't have that candle. I look up and Michael Item. I believe it was the first person that come up. And very dear dear friend and brother of mine and cadence and shooting the victims appreciate both of those men very very much as well as I do. Everybody in that room I looked up and it was it was. It was tears like I broke and I had that moment where he was tears running down so in my shirt and I look up and it was tears tears to searchers searchers to the whole fucking play as far as I could tears everywhere. Man My man in there you. Everybody hit the nine hundred fucking dude winters. Where does that happen ever like bro? Like we like I even have a movie footage of it. Yeah like because we recorded the whole thing. I and the videos up I send you video. Yeah but I don't need the fucking video. No it's like a fucking thing about being in the middle of that was intense. It's a vivid movie. Yeah all the time. It's like two. Yeah in in our heart in our mind but I love to send that picture do from time to time. I've I've come in. I've actually worked with many of the a warrior brother and a lot of guys come in and they're like you're the Jason. Wait a second hold on. I'm getting tattoo you but you're the guy say how the fuck was that and I'm like and I go rental story about it. And as a part of the connecting you know like if they were there was a beautiful experience really was to be in that room. So we'll talk a little bit Guys guys listening to this is tons of guys that have cats on them. A bunch of guys WANNA get them. I WANNA recommend anybody else to have an experience with Halo Cement. If you WANNA get a cool tattoo. I guess anytime they can happen with that on you but if you WANNA true spiritual experience if you wanNA warrior experienced yes that's what it is if you WanNa fucking warrior warrior experience and if you're listening to this podcast you're probably a warrior fucking fan or else you'll be able to go fuck yourself. Hey I wouldn't recommend anybody else geared us.

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