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Means all the regular Friday features are coming up. We're going to go to Vic's picks coming up and we'll talk about the music that Vic's been listening to for this past week. We do that every Friday morning to get an update and then you big dummy, we'll do that. That's when we read a real news stories of real people doing real dumb stuff. And then we vote on who's the biggest dummy, I vote, Tom votes. And then the first person through at three one two nine eight one seven hundred gets to be the third vote and the deciding vote on who the dummy of the weakest. So that's you big dummy. And then straight out of context, that's when you listen to this radio station twenty four seven and you should because it's the best radio station in the world. You listen. Twenty four seven whenever anybody says something that you can pull out of context, and it sounds kind of dirty and it makes you giggle. Jot down the day. The time who said it and send it to Nick d. Show at gmaiLcom sin goes for Nikki show, spies. That's when you listen to this station, twenty four seven whenever anybody mentions me or the show in any capacity. We want to know about it. You become spy jot down the day. The time who said it, and send it to Nick de show a g mail dot com. And then, of course, we close out the morning as we do every Friday with fly James Friday. And if you wanna get your requests in for any Aren or funky stuff, three one two nine eight one seven two hundred three two nine eight one seven two hundred. Okay. So we're talking about being Chicagoans and saying what we want to say phrases that we love words that we exclusively use, and the fact that we refuse to call certain places by their real names. We mentioned that we never call Willis tower Willis tower. We call it Sears tower, cloud gate is the bean the expressways are not numbers, their names like the Stevenson or the Kennedy. Veto in Knicks? They call it Nick and veto because Nick was there more. That's just the way we are just the way we are in Chicago. And if you want to jump in with any of those words, phrases, and places that you don't pronounce correctly. It's three two nine one seven two hundred year Steve on WGN. Hi steve. I gotta realize transplanted in ninety six move down seat. But I still refer to the metro is a metro. There's no cabaret now horizon, this Rosemont horizon. Yeah. And bus routes. I just called I still call it a one fifty one the twenty to thirty six. I, I don't toss. I'll tell you something, though, Steve. It's not Camry metro anymore. No, no. It's not Kabri metro that's gone. It's just metro. Will use to reuse term cavalry in front of it. Well for a while it was called cabaret metro. I've had Joe Shanahan on the show and tell and to show my age. I still say, Camry metro and so Jones, like Joe's like, well, we know what generation, you're from because there was a certain time when it changed over to Kerry metro, but it's not anymore. It's just called metro. Okay. And plus the red lines, always going to be the Howard during well, I in the Brown line is the ravens would that's, that's the that's the that's the train that's the station that I grew up next to your up next to the ravens went stop on Addison. So, yeah. Okay. Thanks steve. If all that stuff makes sense. I mean, I've now you know, it's been such a long time since they've. You know they've switched over to the colors for the for the for the train lines that now I refer to it as but that was the ravens wood and the red line was the lake. Dan, Ryan, really? Yeah. Yeah. Makes me feel like you know, I know nothing really, you know, when, when did that switch do you all longtime longtime? But when I was when I when I was growing up when I lived on Addison, it was always the ravens would. Yeah. Lake. Dan, Ryan and ravens would. So there you go. See, here's Mary on WGN. Hi, mary. I. Marshall fields now called Macy's. Yeah. You still call it. Marshall, field's always will always. Oh. Yeah. Interesting program. I don't thinks Mary ever. Good morning. Thank you. Somebody else agrees with Mary. They're eight four seven area code says that store on State Street will always be Marshall field's not Macy's I still refer to for my grandmother's Sega. So refer to it as Marshall fields. Yes. She that she you could say Macy's and she's like I don't know what you're talking about the Marshall field's. It's also the Marshall field's the Macy's waters. Our place is also Marshall field but I mean it's, it's, it's, I remember man. Oh man. I remember when they came in when Macy's came in this place. This city was in an uproar was at mid to thousands, maybe early mid two thousand something like that. I want to say that I remember that. I remember it was such it was on the news. Literally every day until the final switch, it was a little bit after. And there were protesters. Yeah. There were literally on State Street. There were hundreds and hundreds of protestors out there saying that they didn't want. We don't want Macy's because Macy's associated with New York. We don't want anything from New York. You know, tainting State Street. This is not New York, Chicago. You know, it's bad enough were referred to as the second city, which we've embraced, by the way. You know, the whole second semi thing. I mean, I love the fact I love the fact that compass players changed their name to second city simply because it was they were tired of being compared to New York. And so, to think of as, as because of the Chicago fire as more of a triumphant thing like we were, you know, went down once but came back. Yeah. Second said, you know that's not that's not what that were. Jay says maybe he should've realized that when he was done at the building looked like a bean, not a cloud. That's on him. Not shy town. I love the being baby from Jay. But by the way, nobody from Chicago refers to this place, a shy town, I have to correct you show, shantytown rising. Right. Nobody refers to a showdown. There's this show on Showtime, which is a really good show called the shy. Nobody refers to this place as the shy if you're from Chicago, it's Chicago. Nobody says windy city, nobody says shy town Chateau is really the one that makes me nuts. I do like the city of big shoulders. That's fine. You know, but it's more of a kind of a Nelson all Grinstein thing, but shy nobody, nobody calls this city shy town, just like nobody from Chicago's to navy pier, unless relatives are in town. That's the only time anybody who anybody who's from Chicago doesn't go to navy pier. If you've got some relatives coming in or some tourists coming in you go. All right. We'll go to the navy pier. Mark the Bradman says, I'm always I always call where the SOX play Comiskey park. Yeah. That's on this list. PS maybe because of my Irish Scottish heritage. I also put the in front of everything. Though in front of everything. I didn't I I never even knew that, that was a thing until you brought an Tom so, but apparently Irish Scottish heritage they put in front of anything Cording to Mark VO Bradman. Yeah, he's not Mark Bradman. He's marked man to six two area code says there's no east side of the city. It's the lakefront. I think the people on the east side of the city would disagree with you on that. I've, I are you sure I've never really heard anybody. No. Well, I mean, I you know, there's a song called the night, Chicago died, and it refers down the east side, Chicago. No, that's from nuts. No, that's not from the night, Chicago died is from a different song. But it's the east side Chicago in our member, like going there is no e set of Chicago, essentially condoms, the lake but then I mentioned that on the air a few years ago, a bunch of years ago, I was like there's no east side of Chicago. Their lyrics are wrong. I got phone calls, and I got emails, angry letters. Absolutely from people who are like, yeah, I can. Tell you. Exactly. And they were giving me the borders of what the east side of Chicago is. So there are people from the from who's who live in that area who absolutely referred to it as okay? Okay. Here's John on WGN. Hi, john. I got you doing. Learn show. Thank you. They wanna just mention on you guys start. But, you know, Chicago things and stuff I grew up in the summer west side in Orland park, but. I notice myself kind of. Sometimes how I taught people pick up on some of the things I talked about, like I don't say over there anymore like an out of word. Now, just kind of let it roll and just over there. Yeah. New York thing and people see that. And they look at me and they're like, dude, you're from New York. And I know from New York. Yeah, I've actually had other people from other states like Georgia, and New York, and stuff like that. Look at me and talk to me and say you're from Chicago, aren't you? yeah i look at them like they got three ed's well it's about well it's interesting john because like we don't think we have an accent but we do when you go to when you go to other cities everybody from chicago has this certain sort of a twang in the way they talk we have a certain style of how we deliver the words and the words that we use the phrases that we use and when we go to other states in here different what we think are different you know i think people from i think people from new york don't realize that they have as much of an accent as they do especially well let me think people from boston definitely do but there are there are people from different parts of the world not the world but the different parts of the united states that clearly have a style or an accent or way of speaking and chicago certainly has a very distinctive chicago in certain distinctive way of speaking yeah because the role i you know there's similarities between real deep chicago accent and like a new york accent but it's there's things where they split off yeah yeah john thanks for the call three one nine one seven hundred You know, we're forever tainted by that damn super fans. SNL bill. Swear. Ski super fans. Yeah I still love it, though. I do too. I love you too..

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