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Committee chair Lindsey Graham said the opposition Barrett received from Democrats continues with the unified partisan effort. I was hoping that we wouldn't find ourselves where we are. After Cavanaugh, a Zay said today I think in normal times, she would've gotten a big vote. These are not normal times. There. It is expected to be confirmed, sending her nomination to the full Senate. The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, 2 898,000 as the economy continues to struggle in the midst of Corona virus shutdowns. The economy is still over 10 million job in short of recovering all the 22 million jobs lost since the shutdowns began in March. President Trump and Joe Biden will be on two different networks at the same time tonight. Elizabeth's Chelsea reports. The events fell into place after the second presidential debate was canceled later today, Trump and Biden will take questions from voters in dueling primetime TV events. A debate, initially scheduled for tonight was cancelled after the president's Cove in 19 diagnosis and his refusal to take part in a virtual debate. So NBC Wednesday announced a town hall with the president tonight at the same time as a B C's previously scheduled town hall with Joe Biden. Biden campaign has announced that Kamala Harris will pause her travel for the campaign through Sunday after her communications director tested positive for Corona virus. It also said Harris tested negative and has not been in close contact with the aid but was making the move out of an abundance of caution. The General Assembly special session has dragged on for nearly two months, but budget negotiators have finally reached an agreement on revisions to the two year budget affected by Corona virus shutdowns vote could come tomorrow or Saturday. Also, the House of delegates passed several bills Wednesday on police and criminal justice reform that now head to the governor's desk. Virginia State University in southern Chesterfield will reopen its campus for the spring semester with a mix of online and in person classes. B. S. You was one of three colleges in Virginia to keep its campus close for the fall semester because of the Corona virus. A new black Friday strategy for the nation's largest retailer..

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