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Right to your inbox every morning, just a matter of minutes short, and sweet, you kind of get this high level overview of the day's biggest news, but here. Like the kicker. Here's what's great about it. It reads like a smarter Regina George from mean girls is telling you, the news, so this is new actually wanna read. And this brought to you by the two women have on the show today. Brilliant, brilliant, CEO's named Carly's Aken and Daniel Weisberg. So Carlton, yell worked together in BC in twenty twelve they decided to go rogue. And we'll talk about this to fill in a void that they saw on the news industry. So their friends from college who were smart, people were asking questions that could have been answered by short digestible news bits that they could have read in a pinch rather than long form. One hour news show or reading paper cover to cover, and that's where the skin was born. So Carly Danielle head while a few hundred subscribers when they launched the skim and that number has exploded to a whopping seven million plus. Now, the also have a weekday podcast called skim this, which is also ten minutes short sweet. Or they break down the breaking news of the day in that word enough. They just wrote a book called how to skim your life. It is delightful. It's, it's a book of life hacks. Honestly that break down the most boring parts of adulting into their signature skim style that again you actually wanna read things like what's the difference between an ATM mutual fund, but also how do I choose wine at dinner? I mean it's, it's all across the board. Like all these adult things that we have to figure out that maybe somebody ever taught us. But maybe they didn't. This is a fabulous conversation Carly into are interesting and vibrant and they're fun to talk to. And they're exciting and their work is really, really fantastic. So we're gonna talk about how they built their business what they had overcome what their goals are for the. Future, what they see for the upcoming twenty twenty election. It's all in here. You guys you're gonna love this conversation. So I'm pleased to share it with you introduced to you. If you've not met them live, the very smart talented co founders of the skim. Carly's Aken Danielle Weisberg. So Carly end in yell. Welcome to the for the podcast girls. I am so happy to have you on today. Thanks so much. General really excited to be here and appreciate you having on. You are just seriously. No joke. I can't wait for my listeners to kind of hear you talk about what it is. You do where you've sort of come from. And how you've risen through the ranks. 'cause I like absolutely love your story. So I've told them just a little bit about who you are all the very impressive things that you do at the skim. But if you don't mind for just a minute, if you'll indulge me, I love hearing about me shoots. Of course, whether it's like romantic or like best friend potential. And so could you just tell us for a minute. How two of you met what you were doing with your lives at the time and then just kind of say, this is me. And I'm this is my name's over to can pick up, which is, which sure this is Jane yell, so. We curly and I like to say, you know, in start up world and everything is really competitive in that we'd win the best founder meet story. Curling I met when they were studying abroad in Rome, when we were in. So we went to different schools and were lucky enough to be able to spend an amazing semester in realm. We Mets because of our love of fried artichokes, as we've been this. Yeah. There was like another girl who is also looking for the best fried, artichokes, says, I'm so we over that and the to it's good. They did not disappoint. Also, I reconnected after school when you're both were gang for NBC news teams brands lead then became roommates in New York still working in the news business. An had really this, same quarter light crisis a loving what we were doing work to mealy hard to get the jobs that we had to step back and realize that we wanted to do more. And we didn't want to wait in line for opportunity to open up that could be ten years later, on at the same time really, really loved working news. Stories odd reporting what was going on each day, and we serve that function for our friends who are really busy leading in so many different ways. Ryan Cade to re the wires all day long. We were and to step back of me about this demographic, that are represented millennial women were leading in so many ways and copy unique set of challenges, and they deserve a source of information that they can trust him that fit in with their teens. Soobee started the company from her pouch, just into gusts, working all night and all day on newsletter. End daily running to full fledge membership puppy, that have products that has products that all walk around the idea of living smarter and lead. Now run a company that has over a hundred employees about bananas, you guys. So when you are on the couch, and you're just beginning to piece this together in its early stage. Did you still have your other jobs? Now, this is currently. No. We had quit on relaunched really a few days later, still newer, we never tried to do it. In a half. Honestly, a few reasons why one was that awesome. It's different schedules in y'all's. Optimizing bait shifts in Iowa. I am nine to six job I divide. But knee that was wanted the other reason is that, you know, when we started getting advice from people, they said, if you're gonna raise money like you can't ask somebody to believe in you one hundred percent and you're not showing the ultimate, which is quitting. So meet are very personal decision to go into credit card debt to do that. That is not, not like were like this. You do. Right. The, you know, you've gotta check your own situation dot was hours. We had no choice but to a credit card debt because we had about four thousand dollars saved with the two of us rights by. Yeah. We went full, we don't fully right in. I actually love that. I am not super risk averse. And so I, I recognize sometimes just a moment where, you know, you're onto something you definitely see, like avoid in the marketplace, which they're definitely was at the time that you guys sort of lifted this off the ground, and you've just kind of jump off the cliff I really like admire it. I, I admire the just the you bet on yourself, obviously, the skin has just grown grown and grown and developed only layers, and, you know, new types of resources, and I mean you guys are you went from two hundred it's a big deal. But at the very beginning, what were you thinking thought this is this is our idea? This is one. It's gonna look like this will probably be the main path that we sort of tread here. And so how did you gin? You know, it's funny when you're actually talking about this the other day in, in one way, we I think we always dreamed, a big it. What would we knew day one? This is not Email newsletter. Business weaned day one. This is not a media business, and we knew day one that need. We're going to the product strategy fit into teens that was going to likely have subscription as a part of it weeks. We always like could see that this was big, and we always could steal the traction that it was happening can never visualize the people that was going to take that will help us get there. So no idea, how many people is gonna take me never been like Elizabeth, our office, be visitor funding will have that, you know, we have no idea, but I think we always we knew sitting something really big. And so it wasn't, you know, step one to get to. It was more like had a week to get on t's really overly used. Cliche anything on the rocket ship, get going. So we definitely felt out momentum early on. And really the Jeff one was how do we get this front people in all we cared about was how many people signed up for the daily skin and how to get more of them? So now that you guys are CEO's. I'm kind of comparing your this career to the careers that you left, like how have your specific and individual roles changed since you're in B C, like what, what is your day to day look like at this point? And are you are each of you sort of putting into rotation? The skill set that you were using previously or you flexing, a lot of new muscles to skillset we had, when we started the company was that we knew how to ask questions and our jobs, donated it, you, you have to question you have to look y things, and I think you have to let go of a fear in order to be acceptable doing so we knew network, we need to talk to keep all mea you ask questions. And I think that is the that has carried us through to today, because every day we learn something new, which means everyday there's something. Were base with that being had no idea out. We are meant to get through it, and, but we know how to ask you for help in think that is something that has made a huge difference for us totally are dated as are the same only in that everyday is totally different. And that was the case when there are two of us on a couch in. It's definitely the case now that will running a much bigger company, I think that were still hugely involved with every aspect of the company, not role has really run alongside the skin and the rest of team. I love how much we have expanded recently launched daily podcasts. And now the book an it's amazing to be able to have a team that can do that. So I'm I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this, obviously, always worked in news. But how have you seen your business transform since the beginning, specifically in your opinion? What is the difference now because everything just feels like rapid acceleration? What's the difference in the new cycle today than when you first started? We started to seven years ago. Everything is different in that guarantee. I think if it's possible there's more annoyed today than there was when we started seven years ago, we were starting in years ago as response to too much noise. That holiday protected. Our business strategy on its ribbit in it one that we really, really have Underdown double down on our focus is having time well-spent, which is, you know, that there's a lot of noise, we know that everyone's busy in. So having make sure that our product show of where you are. We are consumer end and that when you experience or interact with skin products, that you say time will set.

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