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Composition aid. okay so I get a ticket you get a ticket. I think it's. Michael slap yourself that's Oprah did you know is going I wish donned. I was trying to figure out if she was factor fiction. what a shock I did not know you had such connections I don't know her voice sounded so we're in the morning. very bizarre years like the child a lot. so press one. there you it says seven seventeen states several of the latest on hurricane Dorian no red cross in you and relief officials are rushing out of the Bahamas after their hurricane demolished its northern islands at least seven people are dead and it's feared the death toll will rise from the storm as it approaches Florida is now impacting Florida that coming up at seven thirty from the WGN newsroom heaviest delays this morning co traveling on fifty five heading inbound an hour and fourteen minutes in from three fifty five fifty five from the tri state also an hour the about Eisenhower from fifty three forty six from Mannheim fifty two outbound inbound Kennedy's up to an hour from here thirty two from the Eaton's forty six heading out on the about Eden's thirty from lake cook road inbound Ryan's a half hour is well into downtown fifty seven jammed up from Dixie highway bishop Ford from one hundred and fifty nine so in the in the NFL west on Klein to cal you met lake shore drive north on foster to Hollywood accidents on the south side ninety fifth and stony island for personalized traffic on demand get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hyper just search T. R. A. F. F. I. actually cargo van Velde from the ida traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death for your over tells us that the sequel is it more. he joins us to get ready for the bears Packers game about his reaction to his father just throw gun with. Chicago's conversation is on seven twenty WGN. anyone can get west Nile virus those fifty and older and those with certain medical conditions are at greater risk of serious illness from west not protect yourself and your family prevent mosquito bites with the three R's remove standing water where mosquitoes can breed repel mosquitoes using insect repellent and wearing clothing.

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