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For technology? Embassador here it gives you an idea how out of box these, right? He's thinking who needs to do it here. It needs to be owned at the top, but also both parties have to come together when. The first country to digit has was Israel. All free political parties came together Shimon Peres prior offender years. Great friend of mine missing every day. And Yahoo said this is our best interest to do it in the digitize their country for twenty thousand jobs except for the. But I pretty certain. He just wanders around yelling about Russia. That's pretty much this is where I think we've gotta have all sides are equally responsible. Democrats and Republicans have to bring this together and have a common goal. The neat thing is care who in American can disagree with job. Creation was small business, but I'm just saying, I like to understand how that's gonna work. Given the current political, I think there's nothing like an opportunity to challenge in a romantic at there. I want to know brass tacks or axes, you make India successful, you make France successful. You say the US should follow that model. We're no longer the leaders. Second, you get both political parties on this issue to put aside their differences. Say everyone should carry about startups in every fifty states. So what are they need to do it? I think you need to have examples in business, and I intend to be a role model and we'll see if I can earn that trust or not. Instead of. Doing startups in Silicon Valley where carrots much safer ready to do because I can channel if you I not hire new all the venture capitalists. I get into the litter for every company I go into in spatial terms. I'm deliberately doing it across seven states. Now. Or wandering, Steve has the same concept. He's just wanted a different way and I applaud what he's doing and I know you know him very well, but we have to business leaders step up to this album. Challenge the companies. You just mentioned, want to take a certain amount of their tremendous wealth and give it back to society in startups in all fifty states and take a couple of states and sponsor them. I'm going to do that in front of congress for ruining democracy, but that's why they're busy. They're not in the best shape. We'll talk about the the image of tech. But right now, tech is not. Tech move from the lash in the nineties, with the internet's to tech is good for everyone to in every government leader. Democrats Republicans all agreed with Technet John and founded, and for twenty years when we went to Washington, we were just abolish sides, still Technet is within that, but we've got to be very careful tech isn't just about making profits doing what's right for your company. Citizens and governments have very legitimate concerns. And if you don't address, if we're going to destroy jobs, how do you create them? Cisco with network academy created seven million students trained on this over twenty years, and we focused on each country on giving back. I think tech has to get back to the base that right now the the narrative is damage. The damage caused by either the the from everything from tech, diction to Russians to fake news to this political discourse going to have. Yeah, please. I've been through this year in basically with the internet. It was going to destroy a lot of jobs and we focused. On how does it create more? We folks about how business and government regardless of the local party could work on common objectives..

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