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Twenty eleven amazon was still impact med yup my guy doing tony levin's change amazon is still on beacon hill wow and listeners this a crazy story about that bill is a little dovetail with that was a hospital that amazon converted into their their first large major office before a effectively colonizing all of downtown seattle and is now back to a hospital totally crazy but people are wondering what's going on they're starting to construct these new buildings they've just constructed their new headquarters in south lake union here in seattle we're gonna come back to that and as part of this sort of the tech and venture funding thaw after the financial crisis is starting to thaw optimism is returning to the tech world into seattle and there's this other interesting thing happening in the world right now which is this concept called the sharing economy is taking off for me personally i had just moved to seattle the fall before in september of twenty ten take job at madonna and i had for the first time stayed in an airbnb in september of two thousand ten and i knew about it because my then girlfriend now wife jenny her best friend had just started dating one of the early employs at airbnb now my partner riley at wave and so i heard about airbnb is where i stayed when i moved here to seattle is this is all percolating they'd raised a seed round from sequoia and at the same time here in seattle there is an organization called startup weekend and startup weekend was really cool then you were part of it in the early days right yeah still is very cool it's an organization that started as a as a nonprofit is now part of techstars that basically gets a bunch of people in a room most of them having never been involved in stars before certainly having never founded them before and it's people pitching ideas and trying to create companies in forty eight hours so you bring together designers developers business people because we never had a better name for business people and business people and you basically try and come up with a pitch able concept that has evidence of traction or belief it will succeed by the sunday night and.

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