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Base with your 6 99 mattress purchase on Lee during the year on sale at Mattress firm And at 6 43. We've got it are wjr traffic and weather first Miss Dana Clark. Well, finally, that disabled vehicle Paul W. In Lincoln Park is clear from 75 North found at fourth Street now WJR whether first from the Weather Channel sponsored By Gordon Chevrolet. Gordon, Chevrolet. Sign and Drive lease is starting under $200 on select vehicle 0% up to 84 months plus bonus Cash. Three payments of up to $1000 waved on select vehicles. Ford Road, just west of Merriment and Garden City, Gordon Chevrolet dot com. Gordon Chevrolet, Find new roads Graduate of West Little Better chance of getting some snow showers off the Lake Lake Michigan that is and let's look like we will see some of those snow showers trying to sneak in here. Flurries snow showers this morning. Partly to mostly cloudy. This afternoon High 32 overnight Tonight some snow showers around early 20 teen suburbs tomorrow, becoming cloudy again with a high of 27 Thursday. Milder partial clouds highs in the upper thirties from the weather Channel Meteorologist Restaging on Newstalk 7 60 wjr. We're hearing that Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 wjr up a degree to 30 degrees at almost 6 46 and a quick check E and here with Tanya J. Powers on the Pole W. Smith show until the huge Jr our Fox news correspondent and WJR contributor. Good morning, Tanya. Hey. Good morning. So you are going to be keeping track. Are you going to count the 26,000 federal troops that are going to be in Washington D. C by this time tomorrow morning? No, not personally. I'm.

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