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By would that be a bigger difference? I think so I think that the chargers would've lost the patriots no matter where they played yesterday. And you think so I do think it helps playing at home for sure. But when I mean, what we saw I don't think Anthony Linwood coached better anywhere else. You know what? I mean. Like the game plan was terrible the patriots. They could have scored sixty points. This game was on track. At halftime be the biggest blow NFL postseason history. Of course, they stop scoring points. They started running the ball. They didn't like the chiefs game. They didn't have to keep scoring man. They what did they score at halftime wasn't like thirty five. Yeah. And they all if they would have the patriots kinda screwed up for not getting more points at the end of the half to the clock ran out on them. They could add another field goal could have been thirty eight at halftime was the over under the over under was. Fifty one points, and they almost hit it in the first half. They will the patriots single Hanley almost headed to like forty nine to fifty one somewhere in that. Yeah. It was it was an absurd game. And again, we talk about this. That's like every game. This postseason has been a out. A lot of them except for one which we'll talk about later, but like going into that Saturday after Saturday, we're like all these things were blow. It's not one of these games have been entertaining last-second second efforts to watch. But break we do need to go to a break when we get back. We'll talk about the NFC divisional round games the saints and the eagles as was the Rams and who do they play. I know this. I can't think of the name right now. He's completely boy. Rams be Dallas. Right. They showed up. No eight. No. They didn't get it. And it was we'll be right back right after this..

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