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And we certainly probably should call him because he will do what you don't want to do because you're too much of a good Samaritan. Let me talk about something else that we do want your comments on because so we talked to Billy Napier last week in Atlanta and there's a lot of optimism that typically there's always those who are finding a storm in every port you've been down there a lot. You know you know this man by now what should we expect? Well, it's hard to know anything before you play a football game. So I don't want to overstate anything, but watching coach Napier the way his mind thinks the way he prepares and every aspect of what you could imagine and then some and the staffing they have an incredibly impressed, I think he has built an incredibly positive culture along with high level of accountability. And those are two hard things to do. It's hard to build a kind of a collegial upbeat friendly environment and also have accountability and be a share of when needed. I think the attendant to detail that the people that are there that the coaching staff they brought in, I'm very impressed at this point. I have more than I have in the past. I've been able to be involved and done some things there and work in some of the team. And so I'm really optimistic, you know, it's a tough tough conference to be in and the SEC east is a tough place to play. But I'm really looking forward to the season and I'm very happy that Billy Napier is our coach. Describe what you have seen so far of Anthony Richardson and how can he do what everyone expects him to do as the spotlight will burn bright on him in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I mean, the biggest challenge I think for him is the expectation level is off the roof. But I think it's there for a reason. You know, you see his talent, it's shown through a lot of athletically. But you also look at the throws he's made, and if you really look at the film and watch how his processing information even last year in the games, you can see at least in my opinion a high level thinking quarterback with some very good skills. And so translate that to this year with more coaching with being the start of kind of the man going into it, I think the sky's the limit and what I'm hearing, which is really encouraging is how intelligent he is as a player and how smart he has been picking up the offense and so you put all those things together and you do have high expectations. I'm really looking forward to watching him play. Danny always a pleasure to have you on. We will continue this conversation and we're not going to let you off so easy about the Florida Georgia game the next time. Be well. And so great to see you. Thanks, Paul. Take care. Danny whirl. One of the literally all time legends, both on and off the field. We'll take a short break back with your phone calls right after this. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. And welcome back. Matt is up next. Burger, how you feeling, mister Paul pond bomb. Matt. I was gonna talk to you about Texas a and M today and our topic when we talk to you guys about. Okay. So I don't think the quarterback rain in this year, people shouldn't jump the gun and say it's going to be max Johnson when we don't know who in Corvette says you're going to be this year predicting him, you guess what you want, but in the day, we're not the coach. He makes that decision. Oh, this is fan. And I wanted your thoughts on that as well. Well, it's always the case, Matt, fans are heard on shows like this, but they're not listened to by patients. David

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