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All right. That's what we said last year right now. Let's talk about. Yes. And you know, or your producer? No, Harper's Phillies ballpark for a couple of seats. And how do you know what his average is with the pity in citizens Bank park. What is his average? I don't know. What is this? I don't know either. And it must be good. If everybody seems to want him. I don't know who this Phillies one. But I think whoever they get. They wide Harper and Machado. At least five games Phillies. Eighty winsome last year. I believe. All right. Not counting the other guys in that. No. Pitchy in and the other guys are pretty good. They got relief pitchers got shortstop. They got an field. Not bad. It's to oversee a couple of games and a couple of weeks over there. It's I don't know how much pressure on the manager now because Middleton opened up this Vassar, we're gonna spend no buts money. And of course, the agents here that. Let's wait till the middle of wash. See, you know, if we can squeeze him for more money. Maybe wants to spend. I think it was a dumb move by the owner. Maybe he should've kept his mouth shut go behind the scenes and try and make a deal. Again, right now. You want to comment. No, no. I'm good. Good. Good. And finally, the the seal deal with tapper, Nick. Mark Garrett goes is attorney nobody can say he can't be NFL. What the deal was how much when he's getting what other is like he can't play the NFL. Here's here's a whole bunch of whatever money. You can't play the NFL. You can't you can't say here's Harper's batting average slugging percentage and slugging. Here here it is to sixty eight three sixty five five sixty four Harper and citizens Bank park. Thank you Caesar. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four Steve trevelise WIP sports time is three twenty sports radio.

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