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I had no idea until we started the lady gang and talking to my husband. WHO's also in business. Is that how difficult it is to find people to fill your jobs. I think there's so many people out there looking for jobs is but there's no way to connect with them and that's why Ziprecruiter is so fabulous four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day see why Ziprecruiter Ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free at our web address ziprecruiter dot com slash gang that ziprecruiter dot dot com slash G. A. N. G. ziprecruiter dot com slash gang ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire the lady gag breath now. Dad's please make your way to the stage already here. Coker yards are here except celtics because she's not loved. Come on Tom. Tobin you. Come on up yeah my ask each you to put on this sweatshirt in order to play play this game. You must wear this sweatshirt. Shanklin your dad and you will be staged left. Please come over here. Dodd Gang Dad your skin beer here and get in the game now. We are going to be playing. Dad Trivia hosted by Emmy winning Kelsey night so the way this game works is that I'm going to ask Trivia questions to both of you at the same time. You're going to hold your daughter's hand. If you know the answer you you or your daughter are going to shake. This giant dildo crafted this myself so dad Trivia. Hold your now you gotta you gotTa tap on the shoulder. If you know the answer shake and you shake and we're going to see who gets the most right. Are you guys ready for Dad Trivia via God gay. I question number one where was Becca Tobin. Oban can see I got it. Let me try let him try. Try a UH backseat fifty seven Chevy ooh. That's pretty cool. Okay WanNA steal you. WanNa Steal Breckenridge ski trip a nice choice with Toronto. Tom Tobin number two. What is a DIVA Cup used for. Do you think about it. D- County Cup. If you don't about lady a lately it's up for your diva it. It's a cup sounds like you have no idea what is that question does any man in this audience deep. A copy of Chris knows yeah because you had blood splattered all over your bathroom because of it gotta do. Ra they both lose your Massey's next question the finish this sentence were not here for a long time. I I thought she they didn't shake their shaking. Elise Dream Day. Okay bill come on question number four bell as a longtime lady gang listener and filmer cinematographer need you get in the game the number four where one is Jack. Vanna conceived hold on sounds like shake back seat of the same this. Is it correct back to your mom saying it's false where was she conceived me in a doctor's office. She's superhuman. That's why she's so weird Qinglong. Isn't it last question Western. There's no way in hell you can win but Tom for the win here. We go finish this sentence. See you next super competitive gang again. Thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you go your podcast we have new episodes lady gang every Tuesday and Thursday ZAC follow us on social media at the Lady Gang follow US personally at Kelsey most importantly at Becca and at Jack Panic and we will see next Tuesday take if you love this podcast which you do right. I need you to love it. I need that in my life but anyway if you love us. You'll probably love love another show on the late again network. We have four right now. We have the stacks podcast which is our book club and official book podcast. We have ladies like us our newest show with Nazanin Nadia and they are so funny and they're talking about real things and I just love them showman's with Kevin Agenda. It's a huge hit. You guys are loving it. They're so so funny they bring in best friends and very soon jack and I are going to be on that show too and then Momma said Jamie Lynn Sigler Peres are there and they're talking the Shitty Gritty Gritty Nitty Gritty of motherhood check out all of our shows wherever you get your podcasts..

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