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In just a few weeks, the letter made its way to the desk of President John Adams himself who was furious. How dare a senator conspire with foreign powers behind his back? He immediately sought the Attorney General's advice. Was this letter proof of an impeachable crime? The answer was an irrefutable yes. Adam sent the letter to Congress expecting the legislature to be as outraged by blunts actions as he was. Luckily Congress was in session. Meaning Senator Blunt was within arm's reach to be questioned on July third, seventeen, ninety seven. Returned from a walk around the Congress building to find commotion on the Senate Floor. Everyone stared as he entered the chamber. The clerk was told to reread the letter that he had just revealed to the senators. The secretary read blunts words aloud, and with each turn of phrase it was evident that blunt, or whoever had written the letter knew full well of its implications. Should it fall into the wrong hands? The author wrote that a discovery of the plan would prevent the success and much injure. All parties concerned when you have read this letter over three times. Then burn it. Clearly James Carey had not followed the instructions to destroy the letter after hearing this Vice Thomas Jefferson, who presided over the Senate asked blunt point blank if he had written this letter. After composing himself though. Didn't come. Clean While he admitted to having written a letter to James Carey. He said he couldn't verify if he'd sent this particular letter without looking through his personal notes, which were at his house, he was given a day to collect his papers and come back with a better answer. The senator did not appear on the floor of the next day. In his place. He sent a letter requesting more time. The. Senate demanded blunt. Appear the following day, but once again. He was a no show. He sent another letter in his place this time claiming he did not remember writing, carry recently, and that in his entire life he had never written a letter with the intent to quote injure the United States the next day. Blunt was once again absent from the. because. He was fleeing the capital. Unfortunately he didn't get very far. Federal officers stopped him and his North Carolina bound ship before it had even left the dock. They seized both the ship, and all of blunts property, including his personal papers while he awaited the fallout from Congress. Blunt tried to mitigate his role in the scandal. He circulated copies of the carry letter through a small newspaper editorial where he again denied writing it, he also questioned whether the plan outlined in the letter could actually be deemed criminal. had. been carried through, however, blunts tone was decidedly different with his constituents in letters to friends back in Tennessee blunt. To writing the carry letter, he hoped his candor would give the impression. His intentions were good. He claimed he only wanted to improve the lives of Tennessee's residence. Even in reality, the plan was created solely to improve his investments..

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