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Brilliant yeah good sending visions today i tell you that this week i fell into i fell into one of the rows of sees yet because i have to run to the back and i miss timed it and i thought i was at the back to run along there no sees and i missed it by one i went and litsch discharged into the rope fell over onto people are madam so it's been difficult i crashed and it's very hard tell you the hardest thing is intending say chephren i say to you guys when you came in having a shit time but you know when you're in the work situation i wonder if you relate to this and how are you and i'm like i'm fine i'm fine i can barely shit you know what i mean so that's hard anyway my brother's been amazing and he put me the bag of like different selections of chocolates from chocolate show corners and that sway that these research pieces on the table those guests you those are from animals missing bobby bobby mccain's pick up the dog that's been staying for three weeks and they gave given me determent moons couple of both those weeds yeah no the quote me some sweets and some soaks i will be bidding them for the iphone case that will be really yeah bobby was sweetness and light i thought eastern is in live chewed up calvin kleins my iphone case and a couple of pairs of mucci soaks both know even exchanged four julie rogers in rhesus piece for office when i'm say armani socks probably three.

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